Learn to Take Better Photos

August 6, 2015

I am in no way a photography expert but when I look back to when I first started blogging I’m pretty certain I can say my photographs have improved.   Today, I thought it be fun to talk about one of the things I’ve done to learn to take better photos.

learn to take better photos

It’s simple, I look at other people’s photos and I ask myself what I like about them and why they work.

learn to take better photos


This photo is a corner shot of a living room space.  Notice how most of the furniture in the photo are not completely shown, even the fireplace is cropped.  The photo wouldn’t be as interesting if it was taking straight on and everything was exposed.

learn to take better photos

Design Indulgence

One of my favorite shots is always a close up.  I like the details of this little vignette.  You can never go wrong with a beautifully styled tray.  Sherry Hart is the master of ’em!

learn to take better photos

Ashley Camper – Pop Sugar

Half a couch is a popular shot I see a lot.  It showcases the details like the pillows and the throw.  You’re also able to get a closer look at what’s on the side table.  A mirror in a photo is always good too, it gives you a glimpse of the rest of the room, just be careful it doesn’t catch you in it taking the photo!  If this photo was a full shot of the entire living space you would probably miss those details.

learn to take better photos

Leah Moss – Apartment Therapy

Again another photo that only gives you a glimpse of half the couch and because the photo is shot outside of the actual space like you’re getting a peek of the room it makes you want to see what’s inside the rest of the space.  You also picture yourself standing outside the door of the room.

learn to take better photos

Holly Mathis

Here is a living space of the corner of the room, notice the height, it appears the photographer was probably sitting on the ground taking the photo up.  It works because your eye goes right up to that gorgeous chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric.  Yet you also get a closeup look of the buffalo plaid blanket and pretty leopard pillows.  I love this photo!

learn to take better photos


Half a fireplace and only a corner of the living room is in the shot.  I immediately notice the ornate fireplace and how pretty the mantel is styled.  I notice lots of textures and how the blue willow garden stool plays off the chair with the leopard pillow. Again you might not notice these little details right away if the whole living space was shown.  This is just a more interesting photo than a shot of an entire room taken far away.

I have lots of good posts and information on photography my pinterest board if you want to take a look!  Also more beautiful living rooms!

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