Client Master Bath Remodel Part 1

September 4, 2015

master bath remodel part 1

I feel like when it comes to blogging I am just as guilty as the next gal of liking that instant before and after post of a project.  You know the one where you read about the before and see a photo then there’s another photo of the place all demolished and then that final photo of everything being magazine pretty!   We all know a master bath remodel can take a long time to complete and is probably worthy of more than one post!

master bath remodel part 1

Design is a process, sometimes it takes a day a day (if you’re switching out some accessories), a weekend, months or even a year.  I thought I’d approach things a bit different and let you follow along (in real time) on a few projects I’m working on.

master bath remodel part 1

This one is a master bathroom.  I would describe it as a typical 90’s builder’s grade style bathroom, the type you do your business in and get out.  The thing is the homeowners are not stuck in the 90’s.  This is a couple with impeccable taste in food, wine, music and design.  Their house is gorgeous and personal and their bathroom doesn’t even begin to reflect them in the slightest.

master bath remodel The timing was finally right to get going on this big project.  The plan is to gut everything.  They want timeless, classic with some natural elements brought into the space.  They want current but not trendy.

master bath remodel

They like a neutral canvas, one where they can add their photography and their love for art throughout.  Their budget is good (it’s private but I’d say average or slightly above) but they are not spending frivolously and they are making thoughtful choices.  Most everything chosen was bought right off the shelf of a big box store, although there are a few wow special order items thrown in to up the awesome factor!  I’ve said it a million times the best design has a mix of high and low!

master bath remodel part 2

We talked at great length about the project, we also shopped for a whole day (minus lunch and frozen yogurt breaks) where we basically just looked around and discussed options.  This is usually where I learn a lot about my clients.  It’s good to really know how they use the space, what they really love or what they can’t stand.   After all that we came up with a mood board to give to the contractor to show him some of the elements of the design we wanted included.


Master Bath Remodel Design Board

Some of the items on the design board are only references of styles that are liked and not the finished products.

The bathroom is currently being gutted.  New smooth ceilings, wainscoting on the wall and gorgeous tile are on the way.  The bath tub is being replaced with a shower to die for!  I know I’m trying to do real with you all but I can’t wait for the reveal!

More bathroom inspiration can be found here!  My own bathroom featured on Apartment Therapy (twice)!

Have a great holiday weekend!!

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