My Inspiration and Design Style

September 10, 2015

Inspiration and Design Style

I feel like I’ve been struggling a bit lately trying to figure out what my design style is, I feel like I love pretty much everything and when you are drawn to so many styles I think it’s easy to get carried away and get off track in your own home.  (Guilty!)

Inspiration and Design Style

I’ve spent the last year purging and being mindful of what comes into our home and with that I feel like things are coming together and I’m becoming more in tuned to my own home and style and more confident in sticking to my vision.  This seems crazy to me that  it took so long because I feel like if I would’ve been more mindful my style has been pretty apparent!

Inspiration and Design Style

Inspiration and Design Style

One of my favorite things to do is go camping.  Let me explain though, I like to camp in our camper that has air conditioning, the we will get commercial air conditioning repair in cincinnati, oh and a big television and eat off pretty dishes and dim our lights (because yes our lights have dimmers) and light candles and snuggle up with my goose down comforter and read on my kindle!

Inspiration and Design Style

I not only like the obvious beauty in nature I’m also drawn to some of the darker elements in nature.  I don’t personally like snakes but I do love and can appreciate how beautiful their skin is.  Birds also freak me out but again they look pretty like in the oil painting on my shelf!

Inspiration and Design Style


Inspiration and Design Style

I also really like to hike (as long as I know there is a good meal and a cold beer and air-conditioning to come back to, oh and as long as I don’t see any snakes.)  It’s my favorite type of exercise, it’s quiet and it recharges me and the scenery is way better than walking on a treadmill.

Inspiration and Design Style

Inspiration and Design Style

(Cooper’s first hike not in a jogging stroller even though we still have his booster!)

I love neutral colors like black, brown and gray but I like to incorporate other colors like green (my favorite) and blue, yellow or purple. (Pretty much the same colors I dress in!)  I also love shiny things like gold and brass!  (Again like most of my current jewelry!)


My house definitely looks best in the fall and winter.  Anything I pull from outside fits in very nicely inside my home.



(Seriously this trunk would make an amazing side table right?)


I love using lots of textures and I have a weird thing with rocks.  You can see them scattered all over my house.  I’ve collected them since I started going to the Dunes in Lake Michigan since I was a little kid.  I also think my great memories growing up so close to Lake Michigan also influences the design choices.

Inspiration and Design Style

When we travel I tend to pick up natural elements from our trip.  This driftwood is from Florida.


I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to get a clear picture of what I really love!  I guess it’s because it’s not 100% and I find myself comparing myself to others and their styles which in my mind seem so 100%.

design style and inspiration

So I guess my design style is a little earthy, a little rustic, a little traditional, a little shiny and a lot sentimental!  Would you agree?  What’s your take and what’s your style?

You can find more of what I’m currently loving right here!

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    1. I think you’re right your style doesn’t fit into a box either but you for sure have a very distinctive style (which I love) I know this because when I’m out shopping I have seen things and thought they’d look perfect in your home!

    1. I thought I liked camping (in tents) until I could afford a hotel room!. I love going to the mountains and hiking, but I need a cabin to come home to!

      My style is traditional with a modern twist. I love having both elements in a room.

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