My Favorite Podcasts

December 21, 2015

I go in waves when it comes to just about everything I love doing to relax.  For example I’ll read 10 books in a row in a matter of a few months or I’ll be super into music taking over the radio controls from my 17 year old or I will watch 2 seasons of You’re the Worst in 3 days.  I think I’m painting a pretty accurate picture! My latest obsession has been podcasts.  Whenever Cooper takes his afternoon nap or when I’m doing dishes at night I’ll usually turn on a podcast and zone out.

One of my favorite recent purchases I bought this year was a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker it’s great for movie watching, playing music outside on the patio and listening to my podcasts.

my favorite podcast

Here’s a list my top/favorite 5 podcast.  (In no particular order!)

1. The Happy Hour – with Jamie Ivey – Every week Jamie brings a friend on her show and basically they just talk about life.  The woman are super interesting and are just everyday girls talking about their hopes and dreams and their lives.  I appreciate how honest they all seem to be about their flaws and I always get something from each podcast.  A few of my favorites were with Emily Lex of Jones Design Company and Jen Hatmaker. (Have you read Jen’s newest book For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards?  Seriously laugh out loud funny, like you shouldn’t read this book while your husband is trying to sleep funny!)

laurie jones home


2.  The Lively Show – with Jess Lively – Jess’s podcasts are the only ones that I’m current with, meaning I’m a little too excited when the next one is out.  The premise of her podcast is to live your life with intention in everything you do.  I’ve been going through some stressful things this year about what my next step in life should be and I like listening to how people set out to live their best life!  A favorite was Erin Gates and her honesty about struggling with perfection.

laurie jones home


3.  The School of Greatness – with Lewis Howes – I’ll be honest sometimes this podcast gets a little hardcore for me in the sense that a lot of people on his show, himself included are super successful and they’ve done it by pushing and working super hard in your face to get there and never taking no for an answer type of successful.   It’s not my style, I’m more like oh you don’t like my idea, oh that’s ok, you’re probably right it’s probably not a good idea, I’m so sorry I bothered you and that’s exactly why I do listen to this podcast!!  I really need to start pushing myself in this area of my life.  Lewis Howes backstory and how he got where he is now is also really inspirational.

laurie jones home


4.  The Daily Mediation Podcast – by Mary Meckley – I’m the type of person who is a natural born worrier and I also suffer from anxiety which seems to have gotten a lot worse this year.  I was having a really hard time falling asleep and this podcast has been a miracle for me!  It helps me slow my brain and relax and truth be told I’ve never made it through a podcast because I always fall asleep.  I plan on listening to this podcast more this year as a way to take a break mid-day to collect my thoughts and not as just a sleeping tool!

laurie jones home


5.  Organize Mindfully – by Mark Dillion – It’s not a secret I like my house to be clean and I like it to be organized.  I can’t say either of those things happen all the time but I love hearing how professional organizers take on a project and how they organize their own home.  Another favorite thing is them talking about their favorite online organizing app or tool.

my favorite podcast


6. Become a Pro Blogger – by Darren Rowse – Although I’ve never been super serious about my blog and it’s mainly a hobby for me and a way for potential clients to see how I decorate my own space I love this podcast.  The amount of information is incredible.  I can’t recommend this enough for people wanting to learn how to blog!

laurie jones home

Do you listen to podcasts?  Do you have a favorite? I’m always looking to listen to something new so please share them with me!!  I’m looking forward to listening to lots during Christmas break.  I gotta tell you all I’m totally ready for the Christmas stuff to get packed up!  I think I enjoy the anticipation of Christmas but once it gets close I’m ready to get back into the normal day to day way of life.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing TLS in this round up. It’s wonderful to hear you are enjoying the show and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season + new year!


    1. You are for sure one of my favorites! Looking forward to your podcast next year! I love what you are putting out there in our world!! Merry Christmas!

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