Project Master Bedroom Closet – Part 1

January 15, 2016

laurie jones home

Project Master Bedroom Closet

We are really lucky to be able to say we have a super big closet.  My daughter jokes that her dorm room will probably be smaller than our closet.  You’d think I’d have no complaints but what do you know I have quite a few of them.

First off I can’t stand the wire shelving, it just doesn’t get the job done, they are kinda like the equivalent of the wire hanger.

Project Master Bedroom Closet


Martha Stewart Living Closet System

Project Master Bedroom Closet


We’ve lived in our house for 5 years and I have found myself buying clothes to fill the closet without putting too much thought into it.  Over the last few months I’ve gotten rid of half of my wardrobe and I probably could stand to get rid of more.  Don’t get me wrong I like a cute outfit, I really like a cute pair of shoes and am even nuttier over a great purse but I am really working hard at being able to do things quicker and more efficiently but of course while still looking put together.  I’m sorta obsessed with the idea of this!

Project Master Bedroom Closet


project master bedroom closet


We got rid of our Ikea dressers a few years ago after they started to fall apart.  I thought the hanging solution might work and take up less space than a dresser.  The solution failed miserably.  The idea was a good one but the reality is we just ended up stuffing our folded clothes in the bins and it was hard to pull one thing out without all the rest of the stuff coming out.

Project Master Bedroom Closet


Project Master Bedroom Closet


It goes without saying that lighting is a huge issue.  There is only 2 builder grade boob lights and lighting is a high priority on my list of things to do.

laurie jones home


laurie jones home



We also need a place to hold our cable and television electronics.  Seriously just looking at these photos are making me break out in hives.  #messy

We looked at a few options, Ikea, the Container Store but ultimately we decided to chose the Martha Stewart closet line.  It got delivered this week.  Looks fun doesn’t it?  I will let you know how hard it is to put it together!  I will say the planning was really pretty easy.  If you can measure walls and input it into the computer you’re pretty much good to go!  What’s nice about the program is that they can come up with a design plan for you.  I elected to design the closet so it would work specifically to our needs a little better.


laurie jones home

This weekend will be about pulling out the shelving system, patching the holes and painting the walls a not bright white shade of benjamin moore snowfall white.

laurie jones home

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself with this project, I tend to focus on the pretty when it comes to all of them so I’m going to focus on the un-fun part for now and say have a good weekend!  If you still are looking for more organizational ideas and cleaning tips you can click here and here for some organization to help your kids!

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    1. Obviously living in a house built in 1900 I am completely envious of your closet! I am not, however, envious of the work but I know it will be so worth it and I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Up until now I’ve always lived in very old homes so this closet is a treat although like I said I have found myself buying unneeded items. The project is turning into something bigger than I though! (:

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