Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

March 4, 2016

master bedroom closet makeover

The first big project of the year is officially in the books…the master bedroom closet makeover!!  Whoo hoo!!  I thought it would be a simple project but turned out to be harder than I imagined.  Ok not that hard just time consuming and why is it when I do any sort of project the whole house seems to blow up?

laurie jones home

The closet was planned out, cleaned out, patched up, painted and installed.  I thought I had purged our stuff pretty good this last year but I got rid of more, like 10 black hefty bags full of clothes and shoes more.  I also got rid of  stuff that had no business being in our closet, like a ton of luggage and baby gear.  The point being nothing went back in the closet unless we still wore it and loved it.

laurie jones home

(Before – The other side of the closet.)

master bedroom closet makeover

(After – Good Bye Wire Shelves!)

We used the Martha Stewart Living closet system from the Home Depot.  You can read more about it here.

laurie Jones home

Other than the closet system, hangers, mirror (Threshold square mirror from Target, sold out) and rattan bench I already had everything else.  Just proving my point if you buy what you love you can make it work!  The rattan baskets and canvas bins were all from Walmart.

laurie jones home

I love the vanity area I use to put on my jewelry and perfume and right to the left are my purses, shoes and scarves, all of these things I use to spruce up my mainly basic wardrobe.

master bedroom closet makeover

The bracelet on the ceramic bust was my grandma’s.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn it but I sure do love seeing it everyday.

laurie jones home

I had a really pretty jewelry box but honestly it didn’t work for me, it was too small and I’d forget everything I had.  These jewelry bins are awesome and I love seeing everything at a glance!

master bedroom closet makeover

We do not have dressers in our bedroom, so these drawers and shelves are where we store anything that needs to be folded or kept out of sight.  We have various things in the bins like a shoe shining kit, bathing suits, clothes we paint or mow the lawn in, etc.

laurie jones home

We also have two wardrobe holders on this side of the closet to help us prepare for the day before.  (Or for me to put out what I want my husband to wear!)

laurie jones home

I used some of the shoe boxes I had previously used for our shoes to hold our socks and other unmentionables.

laurie jones home

T-shirts the Kondo way!  There was no talking to my clothes during this process but this way of  folding our t-shirts is pretty brilliant and way easier to find what we are looking for!

laurie jones home

I tend to buy multiples of things I like, as you can see by my belts.


I liked “decorating” the closet with little items that remind me of my family and places we’ve been.  I didn’t go nuts but I did what to pretty up the space a bit!


Part of our security system and various electrical items are also in our closet.  They are ugly but I knew we might have to get to them from time to time.  My solution was to buy a bulletin board poster board.  It was easy to cut and now I can use it to pin up whatever strikes my fancy.


I also installed some lighting under the shelves for those early morning where we don’t want to put the overhead lights on and wake the other person.  They can be turned on by pressing the light or the remote control.


This corner of the closet is my favorite.  I’ve pared down my wardrobe a lot including my shoes.  The shoes you see are my winter shoes.  My summer shoes are stored in the bins.  I figured no use being out in the open and taunting me!


Scarves are my jam apparently…


Purses are my vice…afterall no matter how much I weigh they always fit!


I installed a wooden closet rod that wasn’t part of the Martha Stewart line and used metal rings to hang some of my purses.


I also decided to use 3 laundry bins.  We are a dark clothes family and I got tired of fishing and sorting through the 1 bin when I did laundry.  The other bin is for our dry cleaning because my husband always forgot to leave his dry-cleaning out to be taken to the cleaners and would throw it in our one hamper and could never figure out why his dry cleaning was never done.


As you can see the trim is off white and so was the door, so the door was painted black (I know I should just paint my whole house black already!  Obviously a mirror was needed, this one is from Hobby Lobby and a garbage can so my husband can remember to empty out his pockets from the day.  (Don’t ask how many business cards I have washed over the years!)


The metal bracket used to mount the closet system had to extend past the actual closet because it had to be nailed into a stud and go figure the studs in our wall are spaced weird. I tried to hide it as best as I could by painting it white (it’s gray) and adding some hooks and storing our hats (Go Cubs)!  This is also where my husband stores his ties and belts.  The holder slides out.  He barely has any ties left after I got rid of like 30 ugly ones.

24 25

The closet was super hard to photograph.  There is no lighting at all obviously.  We swapped out the old boob lighting for these vintage looking pendants.   I also wanted to point out one of the other reasons we chose the Martha Stewart closet systems is because it did not go all the way to the floor and we’ll be able to replace the carpet (hopefully soon) without disrupting the closet system.

master bedroom closet makeover

So that’s it!  Of course making over the closet has me already working on making some changes to our master bedroom!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!

You can follow me on instagram where I post daily here!  I also like Pinterest!!

master closet makeover

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    1. That’s some closet!! Love all the drawers you put in and wish our closet had those. Can’t wait to see what happens in the bedroom, because the closet is glorious!

    1. Coming over from Thrifty Décor Chick! Your closet looks great! We are getting ready to tackle ours and I pinned a couple of ideas from yours!

    1. Very nice! I love the fact that you took the time to decorate a few little spots. Having it look nice is actually a deterrent for clutter. Glad that Thrifty Decor Chic featured you!

    1. Looks awesome!! But I have a question–if you don’t like the trim colour, why don’t you just paint it? Is it because you plan on doing it later when the carpet comes out?

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