One Room Challenge – The Loft – Week 1

April 7, 2016

One Room Challenge

I’m super excited to be participating in my second One Room Challenge.  The last one I did was a few years ago when I made over our master bathroom.  It was just the kick in the butt I needed to get the space done and it even ended up being featured on Apartment Therapy twice (One being best of DIY for 2014!)

One Room ChallengeI don’t blog as much as I used to and I actually didn’t plan on participating in the ORC, I’m more of a stalker observer of this fun challenge but my 3 year old helped me with my motivation to get our loft finished after sitting mostly empty for a few years now.  The photo below is a little drawing he made for me with his sister’s eyeliner!!!

One Room Challenge When we first moved into the house I used our loft as a small office space for myself.  It was bright, colorful and filled to the brim with stuff.  Honestly it was 110% not me at all, it was more me being way too influenced in what others were doing to their homes.  The space is also right next to my son’s room and his spidey senses knows when someone is outside of his room and because of that he won’t go to sleep if he knows there’s some action going on that he’s not apart of.

one room challenge

If you take a look at me instagram feed over on the right (please feel free to follow me too) you’ll see I like neutrals, nature and textures.

The loft is tiny, like 7 x 13 tiny and part of that space doesn’t even have a full sized ceiling,  it’s sloped and it also has a bookcase and only has one full wall.  I plan on using the loft as a reading/tv area for my son and I.  My husband works from home so we hang up on the top floor quite a bit and I wanted a place that wasn’t my bedroom (because I’d like 1 toy free room) or Coop’s room (because I can only play choo choos for so long) that we could just relax in.

One Room Challenge

My objective is to provide storage for Cooper’s books and DVD’s, to recycle a piece of furniture I already own and make it into a tv console, incorporate some meaningful objects and to make a comfortable and budget friendly space I like spending time in and reflects the style of the house.

One Room Challenge

(Notice the banister, there’s eyeliner there too!!)

I hope you all follow along and see that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful space!  Oh and if you head over to my instagram you can see my mood board for the space!

Thanks Linda (and Cooper) for the kick in the butt I needed!

Please make sure to check out all the participants for the One Room Challenge by clicking the link here!


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    1. I can’t wait to see what you do with your loft. My loft is also my little get away space!
      My son once got a hold of a sharpie (he was 3ish) and wrote E’s (for Elliot) on the walls and furniture all over our playroom. We still find random little E’s on the occasional toy.

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