The Ever Changing Loft Plan!

April 28, 2016

one room challenge

Welcome to Week Four of the One Room Challenge!  I feel like a hot mess this challenge, I seriously change my plans every single week!  If you’d like to see where I started you can go back to when I talked about my plans during week 1.  It’s almost completely changed!

I ditched (returned) the rug I originally purchased for the space.  It was just too busy for my taste.  I kept trying to find a way to work it into the plan and then it dawned on me that I could very easily return it.  (Duh!)

I thinking I’m changing my mind so much this time around because I’m really trying to stick with what I really love and not what I’m trying to make do with or settle on or what I like that other people are doing.

Here’s the new mood board!


one room challenge


I fell in love with the abstract artwork pictured in the mood board and that started my whole change of plans.  As you can see the new rug is a neutral but the zig zags add some movement and texture.

I wallpapered my bookcase with grasscloth.  It was way easier than I thought!  (It didn’t stop me from procrastinating finishing it once I started it though!)

The Before

laurie jones home

The After

one room challenge

Now take a look at the wood floors in the before photo above.  We have these wood floors on our entire main level and for some reason this tiny little space upstairs.  I hate them.  They are too red, too shiny (shows every bit of dust and grime) and they make the loft look even smaller.  I decided to paint the floors in this space for 2 reasons.

1.  We are getting new carpet for the entire upstairs next year and I plan on carpeting the loft too so why not paint it in the meantime?

2.  I chose a paint color close to the carpet color and I can’t believe how much brighter and open this small space looks!

Takeaway don’t be afraid to change something if you hate it even if you have people telling you they love your ugly red shiny floors!

laurie jones home

I primed the floor with Kilz and used outdoor porch paint on the floors.  It took 3 coats to cover it 100%.

I also shopped the house (and maybe bought a few new accessories this week!  I can’t wait to style the room!

one room challenge

I still need to paint (and stop procrastinating) the biggest project in the room and that’s my stenciled dresser.  #iworkbetterunderpressure

So that’s it for this week!  Make sure you check out the other participants over at Calling It Home (thanks Linda) and also the featured designers!  Instagram is good for up to date photos to just follow the #oneroomchallenge tag and I also would love if you’d follow me too!

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    1. Gosh, you sound like me! Same here…I’m soooo all over the place this time with my room decisions! That wallpaper looks fabulous though, so you’re going in the right direction. Best of luck!

    1. I love the painted floors and how the grasscloth turned out – great work!!

    1. I love how the floors turned out! It looks a million times better than the red floors. I know you’ll style this place perfectly–can’t wait to see it!

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