The Loft Reveal (Week 6 One Room Challenge)

The Loft Reveal  (Week 6 One Room Challenge)

It is Loft Reveal Day!  Oh yea and there’s a “few” other reveals over at Linda’s blog – Calling it Home today too!  Did you check out yesterday’s reveals!  So good right?

My daughter has a volleyball tournament this weekend which means I have a lot of sitting and waiting between games so I plan on checking all the participants rooms, I have a feeling it may take awhile to get through!

Enough with the yapping and onto the good stuff. Let’s do the photos today and we’ll do the sources in my next post.

The Before

laurie jones home

The After

Laurie Jones Home

As you can clearly see the loft is teeny tiny.  Maybe 6 feet by 10 with awkward bump outs to boot.


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home

The loft is primarily a spot for my son to watch his DVD’s in mainly because this is the only television that has a built in DVD player. (Although we are a netflix type of family we also have lots of kid’s dvd’s from when my daughter was little and my son loves watching them now!)  It’s also the area my daughter’s friends seem to hang out in while Sloan is across the hall in the bathroom getting ready.  (Even they don’t like to be in her messy bedroom!)


Laurie Jones Home

I also keep the majority of my son’s books in the space.  He loves when I read to him (I suspect it’s because it prolongs his bed time) and I keep his books out of his bedroom now because he started tearing up his books at night after I put him to bed.  (100% boy)


Laurie Jones Home

The abstract art is actually not the piece of art I’ll be using in the room.  Unfortunately there was a shipping problem and it won’t be delivered into next week. (#typicaldesigndilemma) I chose this temporary piece because it has the same colors as my actual piece does and I wanted to have a finished space to show you all.  There was no way I was not showing off this space after 6 weeks!


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home

I kept the bookcase pretty simple.  The space is too small for lots of stuff.  Plus I wanted to make sure my wallpapering job stood out!!


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home


Laurie Jones Home


one room challenge


laurie jones home

So that’s my space!  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop over to my blog and check out my loft.  It’s not quite as grand as some of the other bloggers but I am super proud to say that my space was done on a budget and I did everything completely by myself (except asking my husband to help me move the dresser upstairs!)

Please make sure to check out the featured designers from yesterday!

one room challenge


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I will post a follow up with the sources soon but if you can’t wait to know something please feel free to comment or leave me an email!!

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  1. It’s such a cute space! That blue dresser is stunning, especially paired with the plank wall. You’ve really made the most of the space – I can totally see why you all love hanging out up there. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Lizzie! That means so much, I had a super hard time with this room because of the size and trying to figure out the function of the space! I’m so happy you stopped by!

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    3. Aww tack!! 😀 Jo, men vem orkar släpa runt pÃ¥ ett stativ 😉 Tyvärr har jag inga egna bilder pÃ¥ väggarna haha… men jag planerar att ha! ;)Jag använder nästan alltid automatisk för jag tycker inte att jag fÃ¥r samma skärpa när jag använder manuell. Slutartiden var 1/640 s. 🙂

  2. I love your wood plank feature wall! We just did one for a client’s bonus room and it makes such a statement! The cute angular bookcase is a perfect way to use that awkward wall – GREAT Job!!!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa. The feature wall is for sure my husband’s favorite element, it keeps the room from looking too girly! Thanks so much for popping by!!

    1. Thank you so much Cassie!! The dresser was my daughter’s dresser/changing table that I made over and with her graduating in a few weeks it gives me all the sappy momma feels whenever I pass it!

  3. What a beautiful way of using this small space Laurie! Love the dresser and the nook! Congrats and Cheers for another room done!

  4. I love the loft! What a great little space to get away to! Love that woven pendant light, the wallpaper, and all the little details you incorporated!

    1. The dresser originally being my daughter’s changing table and getting such nice compliments on the makeover makes me super happy!! Thank you!

  5. The space looks amazing! I’m totally smitten with your blue dresser. Gorgeous! This was a stressful week but I’m happy we came through it and you are left with a great looking room.

    Nancy at SlightlyCoastal

  6. This is such an amazing space, Laurie. I love the wall color, the papered bookcase, the dresser, and the styling of the loft. You added so much function to such a small area. Well done, as I suspected!

  7. I love what you did with this space! Now it’s a destination spot. The walls look great and the furniture you chose is perfect. We have a space like this that needs help too. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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