A Special Project

August 25, 2016

I’ve been super busy this summer and if things could go wrong I’m pretty sure they have but I just keep rolling with it and I’m hoping to catch up on life once I get my oldest off to college this weekend.

Recently I’ve had a few friends ask me about a project I took on awhile back but never blogged about so I thought I’d just whip out a quick post with a few pics so they and you can get an idea of what went down.  The photos were done quickly but I think you all can get the idea.

The project was for the new priest that was coming to my church.  They asked that a few rooms in the rectory be made over for him as a living/sleeping space so he would have an area to getaway at the end of the day.  The project was done on a very limited budget and things like the painting, lighting and window treatments were to be handled before I came in to do my thing.  My only request to them was to keep it simple and they did a great job with their selections.

The first room was once used as an office but I decided to turn it into a living area to watch tv, entertain guest.  I also removed the large office like desk and replaced it with a smaller one so he could still work on things he wanted to but yet he didn’t feel like he was working at the office.


a special project laurie jones home


A special project Laurie Jones Home

laurie jones home

Laurie Jones Home

A Special Project Laurie Jones Home

The area I chose as the bedroom used to be a makeshift living room.  The other space I made into the living room was much brighter so I made this room into the bedroom.


A special project laurie jones home




A Special Project Laurie Jones Home

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I never thought I could say I decorated a space for a priest but I’d like to think once it was done they were happy with what I was able to do by shopping around the rectory for pieces, using a limited budget donated by our very gracious parishioners and shopping at thrift stores and big box stores to great a warm and welcoming space!


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