One Room Challenge

October 6, 2016

If it wasn’t for Linda and the One Room Challenge I don’t think I’d ever complete a room in my house. Lately, I find the best way I’m able to get anything done is to have a deadline so let the clock begin ticking!

laurie jones home one room challengeMy oldest left for college (see her dorm here) a few months ago and I was left with a super scary bathroom! Not only was it a “little dirty” but it was super outdated and didn’t at all go with the rest of the house.  I barely did anything to it when we first moved into the house about 6 years ago but what I did was not good. My daughter was in 7th grade so I painted it her favorite color at the time and didn’t do much else.

Sooooooo…we’re about 90% sure that we’re going to sell the house within the next year so this bathroom needs to be cleaned up, painted and spruced up, yet nothing too crazy because let’s face it this is a spare bathroom for kids.

Please be kind with these before pics, they’re super old and not the best quality (ok they are freakin’ awful) but you’ll get an idea of the space I’ll be working on these next 6 weeks!

one room challenge laurie jones home

one room challenge laurie jones home

one room challenge laurie jones home

Because we’re probably moving I want the bathroom to be neutral but most important this has to be a super low budget makeover!

I’m made a quick design board with the direction I plan on taking!  (The reason it’s going in this direction because mainly all of these items have already been bought months ago in anticipation of making the bathroom over.  (I told you the ORC is the only way I get things done!)

laurie jones home one room challenge

Make sure you check out the participants linking up and also the ORC 20 designers!!


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    1. I like it, but don’t want you to move!!! It will be a lucky person who buys your house!

    1. I love what you’ve chosen… And, I am totally with you, procrastinate until the One Room Challenge rolls around and then it’s GO time! I’m doing my home office… My before pics are terrible! Can’t wait to see you’re transformation!

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