Ferns My Favorite Plant at the Moment

October 26, 2016


Like so many other people in the blogosphere I’ve hopped on the plant bandwagon and have had surprisingly good luck keeping them alive. (My house gets really good sunlight.)  My favorite and most successful plant so far have been my boston ferns.



I bought 2 small ferns early this summer for under $20.00 a piece at Home Depot for my front porch.  Can you even believe how big they are now?  The spot gets indirect sunlight and I watered them pretty heavily every day (I’d just dump a glass of water into the planter) and fertilized them about once a week (unless I forgot!)  My son liked to help too and would mist them every night when we sat on the porch after dinner.



The best part of having these ferns is clipping them and using them around the house.  The ferns look great on their own and they also look good when used as a filler.






I found this image on pinterest and think I’m going to use my ferns in my Thanksgiving tablescape this year.



(Photo by Katelyn James Photography)


It’s starting to get cold finally so my plans are to bring them inside.  This article has some good tips on doing that.   I also plan on trying my hand at splitting some too, here’s a great video by Martha Stewart on how to do it, I hope it’s not too late to do it, usually September is the time to do it but it’s been so warm here I might be ok.  (I’ll let you know how it goes!)


Do you have any tips on bringing them inside please let me know!  Also what’s your favorite and easiest to care for plant?

What Worked for my Ferns

Water Everyday (Both poured and misted)

Fertilizer (Every 2 weeks)

Indirect Sunlight


One last thing, I hope you like the new blog design, I’m still working on a few things so it’s not completely done so if you’re having any trouble please let know!




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