What’s going on in my World

October 31, 2016

what's going on in my world

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.  (MacBeth)


Today I thought I’d share with you all a little of what’s happening in my world lately.

Funny how life starts moving extra fast once school starts don’t you think?  My daughter has been away at college since the beginning of September. I wish I could say I missed her terribly (which I do) but not as much as I imagined. I feel like I see her more now than I did her senior year!

Unfortunately she’s been terribly sick and will have to get her tonsils removed during Christmas break. They can’t seem to get rid of a very bad infection that keeps resurfacing not to mention keeps landing her back in the hospital.  I’m super proud of how she’s keeping a positive outlook. She has completely fallen in love with the city of Chicago.

what's going on in my world

Luckily she was feeling better a few weeks ago for parent’s weekend and we had so much fun hanging out as a family.

We rented a super cute apartment through Airbnb.  Have you rented through the site yet?  I highly recommend it to anyone who has not. I’ve had really good luck with everywhere we’ve stayed.  It’s so much more comfortable than staying in a hotel.

what's going on in my world

We ate at some of my girl’s new favorite Lincoln Park restaurants.  We took a trip to Navy Pier because my son was turning 4 years old and wanted to ride the ferris wheel.

what's going on in my world

My husband surprised us by getting tickets to the Cubs vs. Dodgers game. My son even ended up on WGN television after the game!  The game was literally the best game I’ve ever gone to!

what's going on in my world

We ended the weekend with a birthday fit for a knight, Sir Knight Cooper that is!  His grandma (aka Ya Ya) and his Aunt Kim made an over-the-top birthday cake for him. Besides the cake we kept it pretty low key compared to some of his other birthdays. (aka his first birthday!)

what's going on in my world

what's going on in my world

Land of Nod Dress Up A Knight Costume

what's going on in my world

Foam Knight Set

I’ve also been busy getting our house to sell, so it’s pretty much 99% official it’s going on the market in a few weeks.  Anyone looking for a house in Indianapolis?  I’m excited and sorta sad but mostly excited.

I also finished up our spare bathroom for the One Room Challenge.  Admittedly it was the easiest room makeover in the history of makeovers but it’s done.  Don’t get me started on how many coats of primer/paint had to go on to cover that bright blue!

what's going on in my world

I’m hoping the next time I check in with you guys with my what’s happenings I’ll have more to share!  Have a great week!

Happy Halloween!!!

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    1. Saw the touring company of West Side Story in Atatlna’s fabulous Fox Theater last week. Was surprised that some of the dialogue and a song or two were in Spanish, but it wasn’t distracting from a very active and enjoyable show. The set design worked great, with smooth changes and helpful lighting.

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