One Room Challenge Reveal Day!!

November 10, 2016

one room challenge the reveal

It’s the big One Room Challenge day today whoop whoop!!  Just in time because we’re putting the house up for sale next Monday!  I hope you’ve enjoyed all the reveals.  I’m still going through yesterday’s post and there have been some great ones that I’ve been blown away by.  My favorite so far is this one.

This reveal may not be as big as all those but I hope after seeing mine you’ll realize that you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need endless amounts of time and you don’t need to gut the space to get an entirely new space.

Enough with the yapping and onto the reveal.




one room challenge the reveal



one room challenge the reveal

I painted the walls snowbound by Sherwin-Williams. It was a total blast painting over that bright blue!  (Insert sarcasm) I removed the builder’s grade mirror and lighting to make the space look more inviting.



The mirror is old and used to be in my basement.  It’s from Crate and Barrel.  The ladder over the toilet is from Target.  It’s really cool and has all sorts of items to hang on it to help you organize your things.  (The top one has lots of bath toys hiding in it!)


one room challenge the reveal 6

The photos were darn near impossible to take. (Sorry!)  There are no windows in the space, it’s narrow and it’s usually dark as a cave if I’m being honest.  I love using lamps in the bathroom.  It’s unexpected and it also is nice for my little one at night finding his way into the bathroom!


one room challenge the reveal 8

The prints were from Etsy.  The towel hook is old, it used to be white but I sprayed it black.  I also sprayed the hardware and the lighting fixture black too.


one room challenge the reveal 11

I kept the brushed silver faucets and found black and silver accessories to tie everything together.  The new light fixture makes the space look a bit more modern than the builder’s grade one.





So there you have it!  I hope you’ll check out all the other participants and tell me if you have a favorite space.  I don’t want to miss one!  Thank you for stopping by!!


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    1. Thank you Sherry you’re too kind! Basically I had to do a minimal makeover because we’re getting the house on the market and my lovely teenage daughter had trashed it, the ORC was my kick in the butt! Thank you for popping by!!

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