What I’m Loving {November Edition}

November 16, 2016

Watching – Black Mirror

It’s like a modern day Twilight Zone centering around technology. For some reason I can only watch an episode at a time. (No binge watching for this one.) It’s the type of show that you have to take in and think about. My husband and I are watching it after we put our son to bed. It makes us feel a little better about the fact that we “may” watch RHOC every Monday without fail!

Reading – Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed the author of Wild.

laurie jones home

This is a fast read a collection of questions written to an online advice columnist that went by the name Sugar but turned out to be Strayed. Topics include when a spouse cheats, great sex, when you can’t pay your bills, etc. I’m a big fan of the insides of how others live so I’m looking forward to going to book club this week to talk about it.

Music – Everything All the Time – Band of Horses

I bought myself a record player this summer when my daughter took hers to college. I’ve been buying albums at thrift stores (great cheesy Christmas ones and old Motown ones) and buying new ones mostly from Amazon, Luna and Urban Outfitters.

Band of Horses is currently on repeat. They opened up for Pearl Jam years back and I’ve been a devoted fan since. They’re the type of band that actually sounds better live than recorded.

Beauty – Anastasia Beverly Stick Foundation Highlight

I bought this product at the suggestion of one of the women working at Sephora when they were out of the product I was looking for. It’s a contour stick but I have been using it to cover up any redness I have on my face. I have rosacea (I’ll do a post on my skin care routine soon.) and even when it clears up I’m still left with red blotchy spots. This stick has been a game changer. It’s pricey but a little goes a long way for me.

Home – Trader Joe’s

I’m not buying anything for the house because it’s currently for sale but I am buying lots of flowers from Trader Joe’s.  Oh and I also bought some super cheap unscented pillar candles for my dining room to use on my Thanksgiving table.  The 6” candle was only $3.99!!

Blog – Calling it Home

I’ve been pouring through all the One Room Challenges.  I’ve made a board on Pinterest with some of my favorite rooms!


Suburban Bees

Podcast – Little Yellow Couch Style Matters

I really enjoy this podcast like alot.  Zandra and Karen speak to my soul because the interviews with their guest focus on why design matters.

Clothing – Kork-Ease Boots


Not technically clothing I know but these boots are the bomb AND they are comfy. I’m trying to be a grown up and buy shoes that are actually comfortable, very good quality but still with great style. These totally fit the bill!

Toddler – Cat & Jack Brand


I picked up these cute shoes for Cooper. I like that the looks like they tie up but they are actually slip ons that you just zip on and off. I feel like his velcro shoes always grab every piece of lint in our house and end up looking sloppy. I love all of the Cat & Jack brand from Target. Super cute, super stylish and super affordable (cheap)!!!

Teen – Urban Outfitter Thelma Leopart Print Boot

laurie jones home

This was a gift or should I say a bribe for my daughter for doing something she did not want to do because she was afraid. I was very proud of her for being a big girl (sarcasm) so I surprised her and had these boots sent to her at school.  I’m telling you people she’s literally been wearing leopard since she was a baby!

Like always I always love hearing what you’re loving at the moment so let me know!

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