Super Quick Hostess Gift

November 28, 2016

Ok…seriously people how do you all have your Christmas decorating done already???  We travel for Thanksgiving and we also entertain on Saturday night so I’m still in a food coma if I’m being honest. The internet makes me feel super late so please tell me you aren’t done yet too!

We went to my mother-in-law’s (my bff) house for Thanksgiving and she insisted that I not bring anything so instead of bringing a dish I decided to whip up a quick hostess gift.


I already had the glass cheese dome. In fact it was in my pile to take to the Goodwill.  I bought it years ago at you guessed it the Goodwill!  I also had the white spray paint and white snow spray paint in my spray paint stash. #hoarder So all I had to do was buy was the Christmas ornament and the bottle tree (it came in a bag of 10).  I may have bought myself the same ornament too!

untitled-1All I did was spray the wood with both the snow and spray paint.  I didn’t even glue the ornament or tree on the wood in case she wanted to switch out different ornaments at some point.  You can just attach a small adhesive dot to keep them in place.

The only reason I decided to spray the wood was because there were alot of scratches on it and it was so old but if you had a new one I think it would look pretty with a little fake snow scattered on it with a pretty Christmas scene placed in it.  I think the dome would look super cute in the kitchen!

I’m off to decorate today, I’m hoping to get at least my front porch done today, let’s hope the rain holds off for a few!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Are you done decorating for Christmas?  Do you decorate alot or a little?

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