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March 31, 2017

friday favorites
Favorite Show

friday favorites
First of all I have to ask…have you been Watching Big Little Lies? This weekend is the finale and I’m both excited and sad! It is seriously so good! I think all books should be made into a mini series instead of a movie. This was so much more closer to the book than any other book to movie I’ve seen. Each character is equally awesome! I don’t think I can pick a favorite but I probably relate most to Madeline/Reese! Have you read the book? I literally finished it in 2 sittings because I had to find out who got killed and it kept me guessing till the very end. If you haven’t read the book and are just watching the series be prepared to have your mind blown!

Favorite Pin

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friday favorites

This room by Suburban Bees has convinced my husband to get 2 couches instead of a sectional! (Thank you Erin & Tricia I owe you a cocktail!)

Favorite Quote

(I’m a quote junkie 519 and counting…)

friday favoritesThis is my attempt to focus on enjoying today and not thinking life actually starts in 17 days when I move into our new home!

Favorite Instagram

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KM Interiors|Apartment Envy

Ran across a house tour of hers this week (posted it on my FB page) and realized I wasn’t following her on IG. Kerra Michele rents a 600 sq foot apartment, decorated her whole space from top to bottom for around $15,000. It looks like a million bucks and she isn’t afraid to switch things up!

friday favorites

friday favorites

Favorite Purchase

friday favorites

Lastly aren’t these lights the coolest?  They are from Bright Lab and are going in my son’s new bedroom! I was able to pick my own colors and custom design it! This will be perfect for his new room. Did he happen to tell you he got a bunk bed?  What?  No?  That can’t be possible seems like he’s told anyone that he’s made eye contact with knows this!

Have a great weekend!

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