A Sneak Peek and Two Couches

April 6, 2017

living room

Now stay with me and keep an open mind but I thought I’d share a picture of our living room/family room of the house we’re going to be closing on this month.  It’s probably not going to wow you but I hope when I’m done it will!

We learned quickly that houses are very different in Nevada than in Indianapolis.  There is lots of stucco, not much grass in the yard and very little character.  The houses are mainly new construction, ours being a couple years old.  Houses are more expensive but not California expensive (whew)! The upside…the views!

Our house is in a great neighborhood and an even better school district.  I can only describe the house as plain with lots of potential.  I actually love the layout, love that it’s half the size of our previous home and love that I can add easily add my touch to the space.

The Living Room

laurie jones home

(Photo pulled from the MLS)

This is the only living space, there is no family room.  It has to be comfortable but it also has to be used to entertain guest.  The plan is for 2 couches.  One for my husband and one for me!  Our new place is almost exactly like our old living room set up!  All save the actual plans for another day, the first one being a new fireplace.  Today I’ll show you why I think 2 couches will work!

living room

Chambers & Chambers

living room

Four Generations One Roof

living room

House of Jade

living room

Michael S. Smith/Elle Decor

living room

Urban Grace

Have I mentioned how excited I am to move in to our house??

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