10 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 10 Months

April 11, 2017

10 things I've learned

We are moving into our new house this Friday!  It’s great to know the limbo we’ve been living in for the last 10 months will soon be over.  I can’t help be a little sentimental and look back and share what I have learned, specifically the 10 things I’ve learned in the past 10 months.

1.  I am able to appreciate the day in day out so much more.  I’m not sure I appreciated the house being decorated and organized (for the most part) and dinner at the table during the week until we decided to make the big changes in our life like we did. (New job, selling our house, driving across the country, new state, new house.)

10 things I've learned

(Old House 1/3/2017)

2. I’ve learned to be way more careful about what I buy and bring into our house.  We sold 75% of our things through an auction company before moving across the country.  Would you be surprised to learn my thrift store finds and furniture makeovers made more money than some of the pricier items I’ve bought through the years?  Note to everyone: Collecting stuff means someday having to get rid of stuff and it’s not as easy as you think.

10 things I've learned
(Last day in our old home)

3.  Living in a temporary apartment had it’s advantages.  There was never any guilt about spending all weekend shopping, trying new restaurants and exploring our new community.  Other than picking up a bit, cooking simple meals (I only have a few pans to work with) and laundry, there wasn’t much more to do.

10 things I've learned

4.  I learned that projects can wait moving forward because as much as I love a pretty house I love the recent adventures I’ve been making with my family.

10 things I've learned

10 things I've learned

(Wild horses spotted on one of our hikes)

5.  As excited as I am to scale down from a 4000 something sq ft house to a 2000 sq ft home I know without a doubt you’ll never catch me living in a 300 sq ft home with my husband and son.  As much time as we like spending together my husband and I both enjoy breaking off from time to time and spending time alone.  There is no alone time in a 1 bedroom apartment.

10 things I've learned

(Our bed in the living room in our temporary apartment that is also the couch at the moment, any guesses which side Cooper and the cat are on?)

6.  I’m a realist who practices looking at the positive. Living in an undecorated apartment could of brought me down but instead I focused on opening the apartment door and seeing the view of the lake and mountains every morning. (Which leads to the question I heard on Girls this season, would you rather live in an ugly house with gorgeous views or a beautiful house with no views?)

10 things I've learned

7.  As much as I miss our belongings I don’t actually remember everything I kept, packed up and brought to Nevada and that really puts things in perspective!

10 things I've learned

(Sloan visiting on spring break and the real reason for moving out west…In-N-Out burgers!)

8.  You know how you read about life stresses?  New job, selling a house, buying a new house, big move to a whole new state?  Well been there done that and got the t-shirt. These last 10 months have been hard and required a lot of work. Of course there were bumps in the road but honestly my husband and I learned how to communicate better, compromise more, be kinder to one another and realize we make a way better team when we meet in the middle and work together.

10 things I've learned

(Packed up and ready to hit the road across country!)

9. I’ve learned to tap into my intuition more.  If my gut says it’s the right decision than I’m learning to stop second guessing it and stop worrying about others opinions.  The move to a whole new place wasn’t an easy decision.  There was a time I couldn’t figure out my feelings.  I knew it wasn’t the wrong choice and I also knew I wasn’t sad.  The feelings I was experiencing I believe were growing pains and facing something new.  It’s good to be past that point now and I’m really feeling better than ever.

10 things I've learned

(Hotel living while we traveled across country)

10.  Most important and cliche as it is I’m doing my best to stop focusing so much on the next thing.  It’s fun to look forward to things but I’m taking way more pleasure in the now!

Finally these 10 last months have taught me how much I missed blogging. Blogging isn’t and has never been about me becoming a brand or having a zillion adoring followers.  I blogged to connect with others who share my passion in making their houses beautiful places to live. I’ve met some amazing people through blogging! Going forward I’m going to worry less and write more even if it means posting iPhone photos like these! I’m here to make connections and to hopefully help others make their home a place they love living in!

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