Studio Apartment

June 1, 2017

studio apartment

If you follow me on instagram and saw my stories you probably know I’m in Chicago.  I’m so happy to be back.  I love our new house but I was super homesick.  I’m not home just to visit though. I’ve got a little project up my sleeve and it involves my daughter’s new studio apartment.  She is finishing up her freshman year and has decided to stay in Chicago for the summer.  I’m happy to announce she has a full time job and also just landed an amazing internship.  My girl attends DePaul and students typically live in the dorm freshman year and then get an apartment.

We checked the MoveFlat Guide to Flatsharing and decided to get her a studio apartment for a few reasons.  1.  It was actually quite a bit cheaper than a 2 bedroom apartment if she would have shared it with a roommate.  I think in Chicago the thought process is if it has 2 bedrooms it will probably be used by a family and for that reason the rent skyrockets.  2.  We live across the country from her and when we come to visit we have a place to stay and we won’t be putting out her roommate. 3. The deal is this is her home for the next 3 years. I’m not helping financially with anymore moves or big home purchases (except for birthday or Christmas obviously) and because the space is so small there’s no reason for her to have to spend any money on her apartment except for minor things if she choses so.

We will be using pretty much everything she used in her dorm so she’ll be sticking with a cream, white, blush, gray, gold and black color scheme. I packed up some items from my house to hand down to her and her grandma and grandpa are giving her things as a birthday gift since her birthday is in June. I’ll be showing you some super budget friendly pieces of art in a future post. I’m also excited to be partnering with a great Chicago furniture company to help showcase how easy it is to put an apartment together on a budget. (I’ll share those details on a separate post.)

Here’s a sneak peek of the apartment.  It’s SMALL!!!  I’m guessing it’s about 350 sq. ft.  I pulled this from online, hello yellow walls, hello pretty curtains!

studio apartmentShe wants to be able to have friends over to hang out and stay the night, a place to eat, study, play games, watch movies and basically just feel super comfortable in.

Here’s a little mood board I whipped up.  I’ll be following the plan loosely. I have only seen photos of the space and haven’t actually set foot in it.

studio apartment

I hope you’ll follow along for the next couple weeks while I take you step by step through the process.  I’ll be documenting most of it on my instagram stories!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


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