The Kitchen and Bath in the Studio Apartment

June 16, 2017

laurie jones home

Thank you all for the awesome comments you left regarding Sloan’s studio apartment reveal.  I’d love to say it was a super fun project to do and leave it at that but that would be a big fat lie.  Moving things out of Sloan’s dorm and into a second floor walk up in the city while there is a Cubs game going on was not fun.

Evertime I paint I always remember that I hate painting and this little space took 4 gallons of ultra pure white semi gloss paint from Home Depot because I don’t think the walls have been painted in years.  If it wasn’t for Sloan’s grandma’s help I honestly believe I’d still be painting!

Oh by the way I’m done searching for the perfect white.  This paint can be bought right off the shelf and it really is pure white with no undertones at all.  When you’re living in Chicago the winters can be brutal. A bright white paint is a must in my opinion!

The other reason for picking out this paint color is because it was off the shelf and Sloan wouldn’t have to worry about remembering what color it was and getting it mixed. There was a little bit of paint left over so I transferred it into a mason jar in case there are touch ups.  (You know there will be touch ups!)

If you missed my original studio reveal post you can click here.

This is what the kitchen looked like before.  Builder grade cabinets and a refrigerator on a random wall with the handles on the wrong side that closed off the kitchen when you opened it.

laurie jones home

Painting the walls and ceilings white helped the refrigerator blend in a little bit more.

studio apartment

The design plan was based off Sloan’s dorm room.  I was not about to change up the color scheme because most of the things in her dorm were less than a year old.  You can see in the picture above that lots of items were repurposed for the studio.  Many of the items are no longer for sale but I did go ahead and tell you where I purchased them and in some cases linked a product that was similar.  I also pointed out what items were used from the dorm.

Bedding – Target (Not sold anymore but it’s just a gray quilt) (Dorm)

Small fur rug – Target (Dorm)

Octagon cork boards – Target (Dorm)

Blush throw – West Elm (Dorm)

laurie jones home

Lots of people asked me how much money did it cost to makeover the kitchen and although I don’t have the final numbers calculated yet the answer is minimal.  The subway tile is actually wallpaper from Target.  The paint is the same color as the walls and the knobs are builder grade nobs that cost about $1.10 a piece.

The Devine Color Textured Subway tile is peel and stick wallpaper made specifically for apartments.  It easily comes on and off which was great when it was being installed.  It’s currently my favorite product ever!

laurie jones home

The kitchen island is from Ikea.  It’s even prettier in person and it was under $60.00.  The wood butcher block is also from Ikea and can go over the sink too. A  nice way to hide dirty dishes since there is no dishwasher and let’s face it she’s 19 there will always be dirty dishes to hide.

Keurig – Target

Kitchen towels – Martha Stewart Living – Macy

Silver salad bowl – Whole Foods

Big Daddy Mug 🙂 – Hobby Lobby (Dorm)

Flower vases – Ikea

Knobs – Home Depot

laurie jones home




Marble/wood cutting board – Home Goods

Hand soap dispenser – Home Goods

Dish soap dispenser – Ikea

Salt and pepper shakers – Home Goods

Gray Storage Baskets – Ikea

Wicker Storage Baskets – Michaels (Dorm)

White Boxes over Refrigerator – Ikea

White dishes – Ikea

XO Print – Hobby Lobby (Dorm)

The bathroom is up next.  It looked about as good as the kitchen did.  Again white paint to the rescue.  I added white rounded light bulbs and a gold handle to the vanity.  Besides that it was just about accessorizing.

laurie jones home


studio apartment


The shower curtain is probably about 6 years old, maybe even older actually.  I purchased it from Target and it was in our downstairs bathroom at our old house.


Glass – Target

Soap – Home Goods

Towels – Macy’s

Little Black Sign – Hobby Lobby (Dorm)

laurie jones home

Unicorn Head – Target (Dorm)

S letter that I put up upside down.  Oops. I was tired and I was doneeee and obviously not thinking.   This was a graduation gift.  (Dorm)

laurie jones home

The print is my favorite piece in the bathroom.  It is by Maren Devin.  Go check her work out!  I have a beautiful piece in my bedroom!

studio apartment

Pink heart candle – Dollar Spot at Target during Valentine’s Day (Dorm)

Elephant Tray – Nate Berkus Target  It’s sold out/I got it on clearance.  Here’s a similar one.

Here are a few other things I didn’t talk about in my initial post, mainly artwork and accessories.

laurie jones home

Floor lamp – Target

Pillows – Ikea, Walmart, Target and At Home.  (All were used in her dorm)

Artwork – Jenny’s Print Shop/Frame Ikea

Jenny’s Print Shop is the coolest solution for affordable art.  You pick out what you want, pay and it’s sent to your email and you print it to the size you want.  Sloan picked out 4 prints and it cost $45.00.

laurie jones home

This stool is also a favorite piece of mine. It was a birthday gift from her grandma.  It’s brass with a marble top and it holds all her baseball hats and Cubs gear. She also has an ottoman I used to have in my bedroom that also stores her purses.  In a space this small you have to pick pieces that do double and even triple duty!  The softer ottoman she has near her bed is used as a stool to reach the baskets on the kitchen cabinets, as a foot rest, as storage and if she places a tray on top as a place to hold a snack and drinks while she watches dinner.

Coasters – Home Goods

Candle – Home Goods

Impressions of Paris – Amazon

laurie jones home

The refrigerator top is just another spot that does double duty.  The boxes hold seasonal items like bathing suits and sweaters.  Her little brother painted the car for her as a going away gift when she left for college last year.

The acrylic picture frames – Urban Outfitters.

Pineapple candle a gift from grandma.

Horse bookends – From my old house that I found at Goodwill.


We also did an accent wall using more of Target’s peel and stick wallpaper.  I wanted to break up all the white in the room and thought this added a little texture and movement to the space.  It’s called Devine Color Speckled Dot.  I think this could have gotten expensive especially for an apartment. It was about $90.00 for the accent wall.  The curtains were $18.00 for the pair from Ikea.  They filtered the light which was important because it’s the only window in the space and it breaks up all the wallpaper on the wall so it looks more subtle.

laurie jones home

I think I’ve covered most everything accept the door.  The paint is from Target from the Devine line called Pirouette.  The frame is from Ikea.  When Sloan tore her ACL/MCL last year there was alot of Netflix watching and she watched Friends from beginning to end!

If I missed anything and you have a question please feel free to ask!  Again thank you so much for all your nice comments!

I hope to do another post to show you how the studio looks a few months down the road and share a bit more about some storage solutions we came up with.


I really hope my studio reveal proves you don’t need a big budget, you can purchase everything at big box stores and you don’t need a huge space to create a warm and welcoming home!



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