Summer Break

September 6, 2017

I can’t believe summer is over. Of course it’s still 96 degrees in Nevada so that may have something to do with it. Today is  completely non-design related so this is probably just for Ya Ya and Pop Pop and the rest of my family! I am working on a few posts to show some progress on the house so stay tuned!

We started off the summer with a trip back home to visit Ya Ya who immediately bought Coop a bike (among other things). It was so nice to be home for a whole month. The move across the country has been hard on me. I really miss everyone so much.

I came home for the entire month of June because I got to work with The Room Place to put together Sloan’s studio apartment in Chicago. You can read more about it here. Here’s a few before and after photos too.

Sloan is lucky enough to live super close to Wrigley Field so of course a few Cubs games were in order.

Now that Cooper is a little bit older it was fun to take him to all the touristy spots in Chicago. His favorites were anything relating to water. He also enjoyed taking the L (train) everywhere and talking to everyone who made eye contact with him.

Drew had to head back to Nevada for work so it was just Sloan, Coop and I for Sloan and my birthday celebration. We had such a fun night at Summer House Santa Monica. If you were wondering, yes they are best friends!

No trip to Chicago is complete without some retail therapy so I was super excited to finally go to Jayson Home. I’m not sure which was my favorite part of the store the outside or inside. That day in particular was one of my favorite days spent with Cooper and Sloan. We went shopping, ate at Pasta Palazzo where we ate at the counter and watched them prepare our meals. After dinner we went to a super pretty park (like Nancy Myers pretty) in Lincoln Park and then stopped and had italian ices for dessert.  No actually it was more like Sloan and I had a couple bites of the 3 desserts Cooper let us try.

Another fun day was just Sloan and I. We went to our favorite breakfast spot called the Bongo Room, the art museum, a long walk on the lakefront on Michigan Avenue where we people watched and picked out our favorite boats. It’s been so fun developing  a new type of relationship with my daughter now that she’s gone off to school.

Another fun thing we did was have a seafood boil and birthday party for Sloan back at her Ya Ya’s house. Seriously best meal ever! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. It was so good we decided to have another one before we left to go back home!

Sloan’s Ya Ya and Aunt Kim made the birthday cake. Ya Ya has called Sloan her lady bug since she was first born!

No summer is complete without our annual trip to New Buffalo. I have taken the kids there every single year of their life. It’s for sure my favorite tradition. My parents used to take me as a kid too.

Before I knew it the month was over and Cooper and I headed back to Nevada just in time to celebrate the 4th of July. I’ll be honest I think next summer we’ll celebrate the 4th back home. It was nice but it wasn’t home.

We’ve gone a few hikes this summer but if I’m being honest the hikes have slowed down since I found out how many rattlesnakes are in Nevada especially during the hot summer months. (No thank you.)

Sloan was able to take a few weeks off work to fly out and visit so we decided to go to San Francisco and watch the Cubs play the Giants. I couldn’t believe how many Cubs fans were there. The food at the park was amazing and the park was super pretty with spectacular views. We had a blast. Oh and for the record Wrigley will always have my heart and will always be the best park ever!

The weekend before Sloan headed home we went to one of the casinos that was hosting Hot August Nights which is a huge car show in Reno. (Car fan, no…saying no to a 4 year old car fan, never!) For fun we went to an all you can eat buffet. I’m talking crabs, lobsters, clams, filet mignon, prime rib. You had to roll us all out of there! Plus amazing people watching!

I was so happy Sloan was able to be with us for Cooper’s first day of preschool. Cooper loves his preschool, teacher and all his best friends so much. I can’t believe how fast he is learning! It’s so much fun to see how excited he is!

Another fun event was The Best in the West Rib cook off. The event went on for blocks. It was really good. Go figure my favorite ribs were from Chicago.

To end our summer we took a trip to Yosemite and stayed in a tiny cabin. For the record my threshold for tiny living is 3 days. The cabin was so cute though and it was especially great because it came with room service and house keeping. My type of small living.

We visited Bodie a ghost town in California. It was really cool and I can’t get over how pretty some of the architectural elements were.

Yosemite Park hands down is the mecca of National Parks if you ask me. It was so pretty it looked fake. I’m so happy we live so close now so we can get back there yearly. We hiked, fished, shopped and ate! Next year we’re going to stay at the park so we can spend more time there.

Cooper’s favorite part was becoming a junior park ranger. My favorite was the falls and the Ansel Adam’s gallery inside the park.

Finally my girl was sweet enough to send me a picture for her first day back at school. I can’t believe she’s a sophomore.

On the home front we’re busy working on the main level of our house. We’ve been living in our house for 4.5 months. My goal is to finish the main level by the end of the year. I think a post of where I started and where I am now is in order so I feel better about how slow I seem to be moving!

Currently its great to say Drew loves his new job and the people he works with. He’s really lucky. I’ve met them all and can’t say enough good things about them. Cooper’s preschool is also amazing. It is the perfect fit for him and us. Cooper has never been to school and has never even stayed with anyone but family so his class only having 6 kids is great. The school is tiny and cute as can be. There are miniature horses, chickens, a garden and playground area. His teacher encourages getting dirty, having manners and learning the best way suited to each individual child. I’m slowly making friends and getting some time to myself twice a week is pretty great too!

These last few years have been hard for lots of reasons but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and luckily I feel like there’s nothing we can’t get through as a family!


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