New Hutch

September 13, 2017

Today I’m super excited because the hutch I found at a local consignment store is being delivered. I’ve been looking for one for a few months.

I originally wanted the one above from Crate and Barrel but just couldn’t pull the trigger on the $1,000 price tag. The piece ended up being a little smaller than what I was looking for and after doing some more research I quickly learned big pieces like this don’t normally hold their value very well.

Big pieces like these are pretty easy to find and after looking at a bunch of these at this store and Craigslist I narrowed it down to these.  They were all under $250.00 too!  The great thing about consignment shops is that they will haggle with you a bit. My piece was only in the store for a week so at first they offered 10% off but after telling the owner I was a designer he gave me another 10% off. I also sent them 2 pieces to sell.







Any guesses which one I chose? I’ll post the answer over on Instagram later today! My plans are to paint it black and possibly paint the inside a contrasting color. For now I’m probably going to let it sit in it’s spot for a bit and see what ideas pop into my head.

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