Drexel Hutch

September 27, 2017

drexel after

Today is a follow up to the vintage hutch/curio Drexel piece of furniture I picked up at my local consignment store.

before drexel

This was me checking out if the piece would work on in the space. I’m painting my living room by myself and because I hate painting walls with a passion it’s probably going to be done in the year 2020! I ended up using the same paint color as I did on my daughter’s studio apartment this summer. I love how white and bright it is. The only downside is it really picks up the shadows and it plays tricks with my eyes. I’m like does that area need another coat of paint? Nope that’s a shadow!

I used Glidden onyx black paint in satin from Home Depot on the piece. I use this paint color on almost everything I paint black. I like that there is no purple undertones to it. Very little prep work was done on the piece. A gave it a good wash with warm water and soap and and even quicker pass with some sandpaper. I didn’t even tape the glass. It’s way easier to scrap the paint off the glass.

drexel after

I’m sure I’ll play a bit more with the styling at some point but at this point I’m good as is and glad I didn’t have to buy anything just in order to fill it up. I thought I’d break things down below for you.

drexel makeover

  1. A black and white postcard I bought at Savers for .99. I put in a frame bought for $1.99 also at Savers.
  2. The nautical print is from Jenny’s Printshop that was downloaded off the computer and printed through Mpix. I framed it in a acrylic floating frame I diy’d.
  3. The wicker basket is to hold our shoes we use when we hang out in the backyard. It also holds the many match box cars I find all over the house.
  4.  The best place always to find blue and white pottery is Home Goods right? The greenery is from Trader Joes and is over a month old in a thrift store basket/vase.
  5. I recently started collecting whiteware. The candlesticks are my grandma’s. I love them! Like grab them in the fire love.
  6. I love flow blue china. I used to have so many pieces many many years ago and could kick myself for getting rid of them. I recently starting collecting it again. It goes without saying my staffordshire bookends are also a favorite of mine. I found them years ago at an auction.
  7. The off white turkey platter is from Goodwill a couple years back. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I paid $2.00 for it because I remember finding it in the middle of summer. The dog on that shelf is from my other grandmother who passed away last year. She’s been on my mind constantly while I design this new house of ours. (Less trend and more what’s in my heart.)
  8. The whiteware on this shelf were one of the first things I bought when I started blogging. I remember reading about these particular pieces and how they were being sold at Big Lots. I think I also bought a ceramic garden stool there at the same time for $20.00. To be honest those were the only good things I ever found there again as far as home decor.
  9. The bottom shelf holds all my cloth napkins. Lately I’ve been trying to use them more than paper towels. They look prettier and I just throw them in the wash with whatever else I’m washing that day. They’re made for using so I’m using them!
  10. The fiddle leaf that some say is out, I say plants/trees don’t go out of style so bye!!

So there you have it. Not everything you have has to be super sentimental but if you take your time and buy things you love you will have a story for everything you own.

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