Fall 2017 One Room Challenge – The Office

October 5, 2017

So…I was texting with a friend of mine today about the One Room Challenge over at Linda’s blog Calling It Home. We were talking about all the prep work behind it and how it takes planning, money, reaching out to sponsors, etc. I had no plans on doing the challenge this time around. Ok that’s a lie, I did and quickly learned the space I was working on was not going to get done in 6 weeks and I told myself a few weeks ago I’d sit this one out.

One Room Challenge

We just moved to Nevada earlier this year. Apparently everyone else has moved here too which means finding someone to help with projects is next to impossible. My plans to finish up the main level of my house by the end of the year is totally not happening. So why not start another space right? Seriously I have OCD when it comes to decorating.

One Room Challenge

Early today (yes I’m totally doing this on the fly) I got in my car to take my son to preschool. I noticed a bunch of boxes on our porch. I knew they weren’t mine (which is shocking) so I called my husband to ask what they were. He told me they were some organizational stuff for our office. It immediately hit me. We need to get our office done. It’s a hot mess. We pretty much just threw a bunch of stuff in there and called it a day while we worked on our main level.

One Room Challenge

The truth is we need to get this space done. We downsized from our last house. We now share an office. We used to both have our own space. His office space used to be twice the size of the office we share now. We need to purge, organize and pretty up this space because neither of us are using the space because it’s just not working.

One Room Challenge

I have no plan at the moment other than the color. It’s dark everglade by Behr from Home Depot.

One Room Challenge


Here’s what needs to happen. The room is basically a builder’s grade white box with a huge ass ceiling fan.

  1. Paint
  2. Organization
  3. Window Treatment
  4. Furniture
  5. Artwork
  6. A reason to sit in the room for more than 20 minutes.

The photos were taken the day we moved in on my iPhone. There’s no big budget. No sponsors. Just me and my husband stepping up and getting things done that should have been done months ago. This is why the One Room Challenge is great for me. Accountability that results in a more functional and beautiful space!

Wish me luck cause I’m going to need it!


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