October 10, 2017


The weather has finally cooled in Nevada. Our neighborhood pool closed for the season. The busy season of Thanksgiving and Christmas are about the begin.

Cooper and I are headed to Chicago this month to visit with Sloan and celebrate Coop’s 5th birthday. (I’m also hoping for a Cubs game too, fingers crossed.) With each month that passes Nevada becomes more like home but it does not make me miss Chicago any less. This home tour doesn’t help.

Alaina Kaczmarski’s Greystone Home Tour

Not only do I spring clean I also fall, winter and summer clean. I feel like with the beginning of each season its a good time to take a look at what can be donated, what needs to be fixed, what needs to be organized and what needs to be bought. My biggest goal is to finish the main level of our house. Or at least get to a stopping point for awhile.

I like new candles with each season. I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice (when it comes to candles) so I tend to go with something like this for both fall and winter.


Festive Fir – Target

A new season means a few new pieces for my closet too. I’m not a big clothes person. I stick with neutrals mostly but like to buy a piece or two each season to keep it fun and fresh.


I have my eyes on a pair of mules and a pair of cutout booties now that I live in Nevada and it doesn’t snow!

Here are some October goals I thought I’d share with you. (Ok so I’m held accountable!)

Finish painting the living room/kitchen.

Work on my One Room Challenge. I’m working on the office. Let’s say it looks like a bomb went off in it currently.

Plan Cooper’s 5th birthday party.


(Puppy party!)

Sell items currently in garage and use $$ towards office space.

Clean up front yard. I’ve already brought in my succulents that did awesome this year! Yea dry weather!

Finish up ebook. Can’t wait to share it with everyone!

I’ll let you know how my plans go!  Do you make plans each month? Do you have anything you do prepare for fall? Thank you so much for following along. Like always I post way more over on instagram so make sure to follow along!


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