One Room Challenge – Week 4

October 25, 2017

Things are finally getting serious around here and there is progress!! A huge shout out to my husband for getting so much done while I was in Chicago last week.

laurie jones home


Before I left for Chicago I ordered House Beautiful Style Secrets to read while on the airplane. I’ve already read it twice. Once on the way to Chicago and once on the way back.  I’ve talked about it before but decorating quickly is hard for me when it comes to my own house. I like when our house is layered with different elements and it takes times to do that. With 6 weeks to complete a room I feel like this book really helped me speed up the process and remind me of all the elements I wanted to incorporate into it.

I thought it would be fun to show you how I incorporated the steps from the books into our office makeover.

A Splash of Unexpected Color

The wall color is the star of the room in my opinion. For the most part I like bright and white but for the office I wanted it to be cozy and comfortable. I chose cameroon green by Behr.

one room challenge

A Nod to the Past

Every room needs a little character. Something old or in this case something that is new but is based off an older design. We have 2 office chairs in the space but I wanted a 3rd chair for when our son was in the room with us too. I found a wegner wishbone chair. The style of chair is one of my favorites.

one room challenge

A Grand Gesture

A grand gesture is the statement piece in the room. I’m going for low key and understated. I have a hard time working if there is a lot of clutter. With that said I didn’t want the room to be boring & sterile either. Drew and I have been collecting art for years now. Most of it not worth a ton but all of it meaningful. I decided to hang 3 picture ledges running across one of the walls to hold all of our art. I chose ledges because I can swap out or add art without having to put a bunch of nails in the wall. I also like that you can lay objects on the ledges like the photo below.

laurie jones home



Glitter and Gleam

There’s a few pieces in the room that add some sparkle. I switched out the white switch plates for brass. I also spray painted the closet hardware brass.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

This one was an easy one for me.  Plants and flowers are always a staple in my rooms. I’m looking for a split leaf philodendron.

one room challenge

Something that says “Touch Me”

I think this is the most important part of a room. Texture is my favorite element. The brass nail heads on the leather chairs. The faux fur on the wishbone chair. The wood grain on top of the desk.

laurie jones home

See that red wood base on the chair, it’s getting painted black today. Also there’s a peek at the desk we just finished up.

Something that Speaks Only to You

Our office is upstairs and no one really is going to be spending time in there besides us. This is the room that can be a reflection of all of us. Artwork from our son. Photos of the kids. Art that we gifted one another throughout the years. Items that tell a story of us through the years.

A “Wow” Moment

The curtains are the wow in the office. I wanted a fun pattern but my husband had to like it too. I found these at Select Blinds. They were super easy to install. At least that’s what my husband said! Here’s a list of things that are done and that I still need to finish.

Paint room – Done

Trim work – Done

Install window treatment – Done

Install lighting

(Ceiling) – Would have been done but the cat used part of it as a toy and we just found the missing piece!

Wall sconces – Still waiting for them to be delivered, I’m going to have to pick something new if they’re not here by next week.

New electrical switch plates – Done

Art ledges – To Do

Organize room – To Do

Decorate room – To Do

I feel good about this project. I’m going to finish the organizing this week. I’ve already gotten rid of 3 hefty bags of old paperwork and odds and ends. I can’t believe we moved that junk across the country! In case you want to look back at the previous weeks I’ve included them in the post.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three – Sorry there was no post because nothing had changed from week 2 and I was out of town.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.  You can also leave a comment on my instagram account. Be sure to visit the other participants and the One Room Challenge Designers.



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