Organizing the Office Week Five

November 3, 2017


Welcome back to my One Room Challenge! I’m heading to the finish line! Please make sure you check out some of the other guest participants spaces and designers.

This last week there were no big projects and I’ve been focusing on organizing the space and thought I would share with you some tips when it comes to organizing your office.

In case you want to read the week’s leading up to Week Five.

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As I’ve mentioned my husband & I share an office. This office works different than our previous office at our old house, one of the best things now is that we were able to upgrade with furniture form Buy Direct Online. The first being we didn’t have to share an office and second my husband used to worked primarily from home. His new job is minutes from our house and he’s the type of person that once he’s up he just goes into the office. That means he’s usually there hours before the actual work day starts. He takes cares of the bills and although I’d say 95% of our bills are paid online there’s still some mail that he brings into work and takes care of while he’s at his office. For that reason I set up a station inside our garage right next to the door into our house where I put all the mail that he needs to take care of.  Actually anything I need him to see I put it in his mail bin.

office(Our garage demand station)

I go through our mail as soon as I get it. Any junk mail automatically gets thrown away. The mail that my husband needs to take care of gets put into his slot in the garage and he grabs it when he leaves in the morning. Any mail in my slot in the garage means it has to be brought to our mailbox that is in a centralized area in our neighborhood.

Our office was not a working office prior to my working on it for the One Room Challenge. That meant a lot of purging happened. I threw away 3 hefty garbage bags full of stuff. Most of it being paperwork that came from my husband’s original office.  He is a saver and I am not.

Some tips to control the paper clutter that I use:

If a company offers e-billing sign up for it. Sometimes they will give you a small discount for going paperless. Your bank account (which can also be paperless) will show that you paid the bill so there is no reason to have paper receipts. I also have started entering my email at stores when available when I go shopping and forgoing the paper receipt.

I don’t keep manuals for anything. I usually will look through it when I buy the product and am learning how to use it. After I’ve read it I throw it out. I have yet had a problem trying to find the manual online if I need to look at it for some reason. And if I’m being real I don’t think I’ve had to look for a manual more than once.

The papers I do keep include:

Medical Bills

This is important especially if you’ve been hospitalized. For instance my daughter had surgery for an ACL/MCL meniscus tear. There was a ton of bills and they came from various different providers. I don’t just keep a standard medical bill folder for any and all medical bills. I make a folder for whatever/whoever was being treated. For example daughter ACL/MCL tear.

When I pay the bill I mark directly on the statement. I put the date it was paid, the amount paid and how I paid for it. If it was by check I put the check number. If it was by credit card I note that. I have even gone so far as to make an itemized list that’s kept on my computer. I list the provider, the amount billed and when it’s been paid. I also note the insurance we had during that time with their phone number and our policy number.

For one time visits to the dentist or doctors I only keep those for a year and shred them in January. For complicated things like Sloan’s surgery I plan on keeping the billing for 5 years. Honestly in my opinion medical billing and insurance billing is 10 years behind the time and it’s really your job to stay on top of it. So having your paperwork in order is important.

Paper Checks

Any paper checks we get (we don’t get many) we deposit our checks online by using our phone. We get an email confirmation that the check has been deposited. I save that receipt online and I’m a rebel because I shred the check once I get confirmation and have never had a problem.

Tax Records

I’m not certain of the the years you’re supposed to save your tax records because everywhere I look it’s a different amount. We save ours for 10 years.  My husband has all his military records and we have both the house we just sold and our current house records.

Birth Certificates/Social Security/ Marriage Records

These are all kept in a separate space and locked up.

We were able to consolidate down to a small 2 drawer cabinet. I donated a large file cabinet and 2 plastic file boxes to Savers. Do you guys have a Savers around you? I had never been to one until we moved to Nevada. They give back to local nonprofits. Another great thing is for each bag you donate they will give you 5% off your next purchase up to 30%.

Organizing the office was way harder than designing and decorating the office. The entire 2nd floor of our house looks like a big ol’ hot mess. The mess has spilled everywhere. That’s the thing you have to keep in mind when you take on a project, it’s going to to get worse before it gets better.


When cleaning out your office, get rid of pens that don’t work, markers that have dried out, duplicates of items you really don’t need 2 of.

It’s also to time to do some grown up stuff like break down and buy a computer screen stand to lift up your computer. I of course did a little makeover on it!



This weekend I plan on installing the sconces which are turning out to be a whole issue and also the ceiling fixture. I cannot wait to take down the biggest fan the previous owner could possible fit into the space. I also need to finish up painting some of the furniture in the space. Why is it the little projects at the end of the project are always the hardest for me to finish?

Thank you so much for following along so far. I’m sorry I can’t show you many photos. The space is so small any picture pretty much shows the whole thing off!

Can’t wait to show you all the full reveal!!!

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    1. Love your tips for controlling paper clutter and the computer stand makeover. Your office is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see the reveal!

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