Weight Loss

September 28, 2018

weight loss

Hand to heart I’ve tried to write this post like 10 times. It’s turning out to be way harder than what I thought. One of the biggest reasons I’ve started and stopped writing it because it’s more complicated than what I know people are wanting to hear. People tend to want to believe losing weight is finding the right pill or newest diet.

I also hesitated about writing about my weight loss because it wasn’t about interior design but to be honest I’d like to think people are open to hearing about more things besides design. I started this blog almost 10 years ago. As much as I love design I’m also really interested in my health, clothes, books, makeup, wellness, aging and my kids and I’d like for this blog to be a bit varied to all aspects of living a good life. Also try the ginseng for having a healthier life.

So back to the weight loss. When people who haven’t seen me for awhile see me they immediately ask me what have you done? My answer I’m sure is disappointing because I say I’ve done a lot of a many different things over a long period of time. After thinking about things for awhile I think the best thing to do is maybe pop on here a few times a month and talk about the weight loss, bloated problems and break things down into manageable pieces instead of hitting you with a long rambling post.

Back in 2015 life was full. My husband was traveling  for work a lot. I had a busy teenage daughter going through serious issues like a Coach’s suicide and her own career ending injury requiring multiple surgeries in addition to taking care of a 2 year old son after having 3 late term pregnancy losses and multiple early miscarriages. I suffered through horrible postpartum depression after my son. I knew I was depressed but looking back I didn’t realize how bad it was until the cloud lifted. I also was afraid to tell anyone because I felt shame for feeling sad after finally having a baby I’d wanted so badly. By the time my daughter graduated high school I was emotionally and physically drained. I knew I needed to be better for my family but most of all for the first time in over 25 years I needed to be better for me.


weight loss

weight loss

(Me at my heaviest)

I want you all to know that I actively started losing weight a few weeks into January of this year using WW.  Prior to changing my eating habits though I knew I needed to make some other changes before I got real with the food.  I knew taking it slow was the only way I could succeed. (I’ll do a separate post later on leading up to the food part.)

Today it’s easiest to talk to you about what I did in the month of September and my plans for October. (I’ll have a tab on top of the blog that says weight loss so you can easily find everything.)

About 10 days prior to the next month I sit down and think about what I have achieved so far and what challenges I want to take on for the month ahead. In September I decided to experiment with intermittent fasting for the month. When I take on a monthly challenge I commit to myself that no matter what I will do it without exception for the entire month. I have always been the type that when I make a promise to a friend or family I don’t break it and it was time to treat myself the way I treat the other people I love.

When I say intermittent fasting it means I have been going for at least 16 hours a day without eating. It usually means I stop eating at 7 p.m. and then I eat again at 11 a.m the next day. So with the month almost over here are my thoughts about IF. It has helped me stop my night time snacking. The bad was that there were mornings (maybe 5-6 times) that I was extremely hungry and I struggled to make good choices when I finally did eat. I will say overall the whole thing really helped me tap into my actual hunger. I feel like IF has helped me really figure out when I am hungry and when I’m just bored. Going forward next month I have decided that I’d like to continue not snacking after dinner and to listening to my body and eating when I’m really hungry even if it means not going 16 hours between eating.

Also please know I didn’t go from snacking at night to just not snacking at night. For years I ate dessert after every meal. Then when everyone went to bed I’d have my nighttime snack usually pretzels, tortillas chips, popcorn with butter or crackers or maybe another helping of our dessert from the evening. Over time I stopped eating dessert while still having the night time snack then I switched to healthier options like apples, cucumbers and yogurt or unbuttered popcorn. I feel like trying the IF it showed me I didn’t need the snack after dinner.

weight loss

So what’s up for October??? My goal for October is to not have my phone on my nightstand for 30 days and to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off without hitting the snooze button. How does this help me lose weight? I’m not sure but I know sleep is supposed to be super important to your health and staring at my phone before going to sleep and as soon as I wake up is not good for me. We all at this point know this don’t we?  I encourage you to either read or listen to Mel Robbins Five Second Rule.

I want to encourage people reading to experiment with various ideas when it comes to losing weight. Don’t aim for perfection and don’t aim for a quick fix. Try to commit to something for 30 days and stick with it. Even if you learn you didn’t like it there is a feeling of accomplishment for committing to something for 30 days. Trust me when you haven’t been consistent at something doing it for 30 days is harder than what you think!

weight loss

Oh and to leave you hanging guess what? I haven’t weighed myself at all this year. I’ll end it there and let you wait until my next post to learn why! I’ll also post a photo in the same dress of what I look like now! Have a great weekend!!




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