christmas decorations

First Christmas in Nevada

I'm super excited to share my holiday home tour with you today.  This is our first Christmas in Nevada. We've been in our house for a little over 7 months and I feel like it's finally starting to feel like home. I feel like I've said it a million times but a house takes time. Those shows on HGTV that do a room in a weekend are lies people! I'm also here to tell you my photos aren't real life…

Holiday Sales

I'm working on a few gift guides but in the meantime here are some great sales happening. I'll keep the list updated all season long so keep coming back! Birch Lane 20% off plus free shipping. Target Various sales with an additional15% off if you use the word TURKEY online. Use that red card for another 5%. Spend $50 and get a 20% off coupon for 11/28-12/2 Restoration Hardware Save up to 70% plus free shipping. Fall Clearance Sales.  …

one room challenge

Decorating the House for Christmas

We're just under 2 months until Christmas. If you're a blogger or even just a reader you can't help but feel the pressure to make your house look amazing. You start comparing yourself to others, it doesn't matter what the circumstances you just do. I'm working on not doing that . I'll let you know how that works out. Once Christmas rolls around we'll have been in our house 9 months. I have to admit I haven't been kind to…