living room

A Sneak Peek and Two Couches

Now stay with me and keep an open mind but I thought I'd share a picture of our living room/family room of the house we're going to be closing on this month.  It's probably not going to wow you but I hope when I'm done it will! We learned quickly that houses are very different in Nevada than in Indianapolis.  There is lots of stucco, not much grass in the yard and very little character.  The houses are mainly new…

lavender scrub

Easy Lavender Scrub

I hope you don't mind the random posts lately but because of the big move I've been focusing my attention on other things besides decorating.  My favorite thing to share will always be design but I thought it would be fun to start sharing about other things too! I've been suffering from leg cramps especially at night for a few years now.  When I told my doctor about this he said it was probably coming from a lack of potassium.…

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Favorite Show First of all I have to ask...have you been Watching Big Little Lies? This weekend is the finale and I'm both excited and sad! It is seriously so good! I think all books should be made into a mini series instead of a movie. This was so much more closer to the book than any other book to movie I've seen. Each character is equally awesome! I don't think I can pick a favorite but I probably relate…


My Skin Care Routine for Rosacea

Today I thought I'd share my current skincare routine.  I say current because it's a work in progress.   When I was pregnant 5 years ago I developed terrible rosacea after barely having a pimple in my life. Let me tell you it sucks. It can be quite painful and embarrassing when the redness and swelling flares up. I feel like after 5 years (yes it's taken that long) I'm almost on top of it. Unfortunately rosacea never goes away.…

maddox target

Bunk Beds Under $400

I seriously cannot believe I haven't posted anything since Christmas!  Regardless if you follow me on instagram than you know that my family and I have been super busy and have completely turned our world upside down by moving out west.  I miss our family so much but I can't explain how beautiful it is where we are living now! When we were in the process of selling our old home I was worried about my 4 year old and…