master bathroom

The Master Bathroom (One Room Challenge Week 4)

The master you ever start a project and decide you're not feeling it anymore?  That would be me and this master bathroom.  I guess I'm pouting because I'm working with what I have (instead of gutting it) and am worrying it's not going to turn out like the vision I have in my head.  I have to keep in mind it looks worse before it starts to look better. A reminder of how it started... I've got the first…

one room challenge

One Room Challenge (Week 3)

It's the One Room Challenge time again!!!  Why is it when you're waiting for Christmas morning or to have your baby time seems to drag so slowly but when you're trying to decorate your bathroom in 6 weeks it goes by in record speed? Life is pretty crazy at the moment we're getting ready to host a super amazing first birthday for Cooper this weekend so most of my time has been spent making sure his party will be lots…

white towels

White Towels vs. Colorful Towels

I have bathrooms on the brain lately because I've been working on my master bathroom for the One Room Challenge.  This week I was making a list of odds and ends needed for my bathroom and while I was looking at hooks to hang our towels on my mind went to what sort of towels to buy. So the big question is white towels or colorful towels? For years I only used white towels for all my bathrooms.  It was…

one room challenge

One Room Challenge – Week 2

Before I get yapping about the progress in the master bathroom I wanted to say hello to any new visitors coming from It's Overflowing and if you are coming here first please feel free to stop by It's Overflowing because my home tour is on Aimee's blog today!! Feel free to check out my home tour for more photos or my furniture page while you're here! So onto the One Room Challenge Update! If you need a recap here's my post…

neutral bathroom

Neutral Bathroom (Who Knew It Would Be This Hard!)

My master bathroom is neutral and as I'm starting on my little makeover I've decided it's going to stay neutral.  Yes a neutral bathroom, wow I'm crazy wild right!  The problem I'm having is picking that neutral color. I'm giving myself 6 weeks to give my master bathroom a little face lift.  It really needs new tile, a new shower and a surround around the tub but for now some paint, a rug and some new mirrors and lighting are…