boys room

Organizing Kids Rooms

My son turned 6 this week. We're adjusting to kindergarten and the weather is finally getting colder here in Nevada. Colder weather means new clothes and his birthday means new toys. It seemed like the perfect time to organize and make some changes to his room. Of course you can't do a room reveal without showing a before photo right?  Notice the trim was gray. We decided to keep the trim color the same because we knew painting all the…

maddox target

Bunk Beds Under $400

I seriously cannot believe I haven't posted anything since Christmas!  Regardless if you follow me on instagram than you know that my family and I have been super busy and have completely turned our world upside down by moving out west.  I miss our family so much but I can't explain how beautiful it is where we are living now! When we were in the process of selling our old home I was worried about my 4 year old and…

laurie jones home

Modern Ball Clock (& some other timeless pieces)

The Regency Shop recently asked me to give a review of their modern ball clock and I agreed for a few reasons.  First of all my son is completely obsessed with clocks.  He is always asking me what time it is. Its always the same conversation.  Coop:  Mom what time is it?  Me: Time to get a clock!  So what do you know now he has one and he loves it! The second reason is I had the perfect place…

laurie jones home

Decorating Rules Shattered!!

One of the rules of design is never to buy everything from one source but I thought it would be fun to put together a room using just one source!  Yea I’m a rebel like that. I actually think this would totally work as a base design and then once that is completed you could add in other items from other sources.  (think…antiques, thrift store finds, some high and low end items and if you’re me more black and for…

master bedroom closet makeover

Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

The first big project of the year is officially in the books...the master bedroom closet makeover!!  Whoo hoo!!  I thought it would be a simple project but turned out to be harder than I imagined.  Ok not that hard just time consuming and why is it when I do any sort of project the whole house seems to blow up? The closet was planned out, cleaned out, patched up, painted and installed.  I thought I had purged our stuff pretty…