gold foil heart

Gold Foil Art Print

If you've read my blog before you know I hate mass produced artwork, you know the kind you can find at the big box stores.  I'm not a snob though, I love handmade artwork, I love local artist, I love images I find for free online and last but not least I love art you can find on etsy.  So when Jennifer from Handmade by Jennifer Chase asked me if I'd like to use her gold foil art print in…

master bedroom one room challenge

The Master Bedroom (One Room Challenge)

I think I maybe nuts but I'm going to throw my hat into the ring (perhaps a little late, I just got back from vacation) and participate in the One Room Challenge over at Calling it Home once again. Last time I did the master bathroom and it went from this...  to this...  You can read all about it starting here. My bedroom looks like this right now and it has for awhile and it doesn't even come close to…

a teepee for cooper

A Teepee for Cooper (From Baby to Toddler!)

I've been changing things up in Cooper's room recently and I'm just about done…maybe. It's funny how one project leads to another. I made over a toy box, organized his closet, painted some stars and a chalkboard painting and yesterday a special present came for my baby boy to help keep him busy! A Teepee for Cooper!! It's no secret I love Land of Nod so I've had my eye on their teepee since Cooper was born!  I know alot…

going with the flow

Going with the Flow

If there is one thing I've learned from having children is you have to sometimes just go with the flow. I maybe making a gender stereotype here but my daughter and son have been completely different as babies. No joke I probably could've lit 10000 candles all over the floor and Sloan would've never even looked at them. Cooper however would stomach dive across the floor to see how many he could knock over. Cooper's room looked like this when…

baby closet organization

Organizing Cooper’s Closet – One Project at a Time

Earlier this week I mentioned that my son is 16 months old and that things are changing around here.  He's much more active and he's acquiring alot more stuff!  So I've been making some changes to his closet, like putting his newly finished toy box in there and organizing some other things too. Baby Closet Organization (The Before) Am I the only one who has a husband who never seems to know where anything is?  To make things easier for him…