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One Thing Always Leads to Another!

It started with a lamp... That's how most of my decorating projects start with just one thing. but… One Thing Always Leads to Another!! Then it starts to spread like to the rest of the living room and to the foyer. So the next logical room to be hit with some blue would be the dining room which is actually where it kinda started in the first place. The inspiration for the blue was from my $19.99 Ikea botanical print…

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cold weather living

Snow For Dayzzz {Cold Weather Living}

I swear once it gets hot in Indianapolis I will never utter a bad thing about it being too hot outside.  My daughter was off school again yesterday due to the snow and cold weather.  This cold weather has brought my motivation to an all time low and our schedules are completely off. So in my perfect world in my head if I have to deal with cold weather living I think this would be the best way to deal…

mixing high and low

Mixing High and Low (Everyone Does It!)

Mixing high and low is a trick I think everyone who is interested in interior design does.  When you incorporate items that don't cost a lot of money it makes it easier to switch things up and change things out without the guilt. This was my dining room a few months ago and when I posted the pictures I felt pretty happy with the room but of course knew I wanted to add a few things. One thing was to…

wicker chair

The Wicker Chair (and my poor husband!)

It's no secret I love a good piece of painted furniture but within the last year I've learned to embrace wood and have been slowly incorporated more and more into my home. I've been wanted to make some changes to my little office, which actually includes replacing some furniture but while I was out thrifting a few weeks ago I ran across this chair for $7.00 and it reminded me of this. I've never been happy with my office desk chair…