Eddie Ross knows how to Set a Christmas Table

This weekend we finished up decorating the inside of the house and Drew put the lights up outside. I'm glad Drew got the lights up yesterday because we woke up to a blanket of snow this morning! This table was done by Eddie Ross! I love him! He can set a table like no one's business! So let me ask you do you decorate your table for Christmas?

Outdoor Christmas Decorating

I finished my part of the Christmas decorating today, on Saturday Drew will put up our lights and we'll be officially done. I'm also hoping the rest of inside of the house will be done too. The first photo are 2 wreaths made of plain live wreaths, grapevine wreaths and then Christmas ornaments that I attached. Then is a basket I put on my table on my side patio. I just used garland and I got out my handy glue…

Nativity Scene

I have been searching for a nativity scene for years and they are either too cheesy or too expensive. I finally find one and I love it but.. go figure it's sold out! Isn't it only December 3rd? Oh well hopefully next year Pottery Barn will have it again! Of course I probably should still go to Pottery Barn this weekend just to make sure!

Christmas with Martha Stewart

I'm finishing up on the outside decorating today so my inspiration is all things outside that are sparkly and pretty. I'm also doing a project similar to the one in my inspiration photo today. (Ok not really but there is an urn involved.) I can only hope mine turns out half as good as Martha's! (Ok, Martha's assistants!) (Photo by Martha Stewart)