wine crates repurposed

Wine Crates Repurposed

Wine crates repurposed is on the agenda today people, I needed a little break from all the Christmas activity!  Wine crates are definitely popular right now and and I've had my eye opened  for one while I'm out thrifting in order to repurpose it for some additional storage for the house.  Having a baby boy has increased the need for additional storage.  The amount of balls, blocks and cars we have accumulated in a year is sorta ridiculous! The other…

mason jar spice organization project

Mason Jar Spice Organization Project

My kitchen needs some major organization, the worst offender were my spices and thats where my mason jar spice organization project comes into play!  This isn't a new concept I know, you can see a practical version here and a cute version here.  My mason jar spice organization project is somewhere in the middle. I needed a drawer to put my spices in and my new kitchen island had an empty drawer just waiting for my mason jar spices! I picked up…

laurie jones home

The Office Update

Back in March I wrote about wanting to make a few changes to my office and I thought I'd share with you how I did on my list because quite frankly I got bored with the project and decided I was done. First on the list was getting a new office chair - Sorta Done - I decided to just change out the fabric with some left over fabric from a client's job. 2.  Hang up a mirror in the…

laurie jones home

Garage Sale Tips

I'm excited to report back that our garage sale was a big hit and we were able to sell almost everything we put out! As I mentioned last week this was my first time having a garage sale and today I thought I'd share some tips and thoughts about my experience.  (This is all in fun so please don't take me too seriously!) 1.  If you say the garage sale starts at 8:00 a.m. that actually means 7:00 a.m. for…

laurie jones home

The Garage Sale

I've been busy this week getting ready for my first ever garage sale if you know where I live please stop by and say hi oh and yea buy some of  my stuff too!! I'd love to give you all some tips but honestly like I said I'm a newbie at this.  I will say I cleaned up all my items sparkly clean and grouped like items together to make it easier for people to shop the space.  Not only…