We finally closed on my big girl house today! Super busy day, last minute glitches and on top of that both Lilly (our dog) and Sloan are sick. Here's the first thing we moved into the house. My $45.00 thrift store chair! Yet another project for me!

Great Weekend (Almost)

We had a really great weekend, the kind where you really want a do over. We didn't do anything crazy or particularly fun but it was nice and D (the hubby) totally brought his A game, bringing home dinners and taking me out to breakfast and even going to the Salvation Army for a little shopping. He gets major points for this because I don't think he's ever walked into a thrift store before. We scored a new chair while…

Typical for the Jones Family

As most of you know our home is on the market but unfortunately its been more then 10 days since someone has looked at it. We were supposed to close on our new house on Friday (after being pushed back a month) so I decided I would pack up some things from the old house and bring over to the new house. Plus, if I'm being honest I haven't kept up on the house like I should, I've been a…

Design Services

Please remember I offer in home mini design consultations and full service design services in the Indianapolis, Chicago and surrounding areas. Please email me at for further information.

Spring Virtual Vacation

Sloan is on spring break next week so I have decided to take a virtual spring break for an entire week, meaning, no blog, no email, no facebook, no twitter and possibly most phone messages going to voicemail for the week! Off to spend time with my 2 favorite people Drew & Sloan! They will probably be sick of my undivided attention for so many days!! See ya soon!