vintage camper restoration

Vintage Camper (Update)

Back in April I told you all about the vintage camper we bought.  Our little project got put on the back burner and it took until now to tell you why.  You know how sometimes a story takes awhile to be funny, well I think my husband can finally look back and think the story is funny. We worked on the camper for about 3 weeks after we bought it, doing things like giving it a major cleaning, taking out…

decorating the hallway

Decorating the Hallway

Decorating the hallway is often a space that is overlooked.  I'm completely guilty of it myself.  I have slowly (turtle speed) been working on our upstairs hallway. The first thing I've done is replace the builder's grade lighting and replaced it with something with a little more style.  The ceilings are a bit low so chandeliers weren't an option.  (Excuse the was one of those oh shoot I should take a photo before I take those old lights down!)…

malm occasional table

Malm Occasional Table (Or My Daughter’s New Desk)

I bought the malm occasional table over a year ago at Ikea and was hoping to use it under my television but the table ended up being too long for the wall and sat too low for the television (yea so much for my interior design classes) and just looked really bad so I decided to let Sloan use it in her room as a desk, a very long narrow desk. Notice the snakeskin?  It's the same masking tape I…

laurie jones home

Snakeskin Duct Tape Tray

Before I show off Sloan's bedroom reveal I thought I'd break down some of the projects I have completed in her bedroom.  Today I'm showing off the snakeskin duct tape tray I did for the top of her bookcase. I picked up the snakeskin duct tape at Home Depot over a month ago because quite frankly I thought it was pretty (also it was only $3.37)!  At the time I didn't have a plan on what I was going to…

iron bed

The Iron Bed from Drab to Fab

A few months ago I was at the Goodwill when I came across this iron bed for $19.00.  I quickly snapped it up because my daughter had decided she wanted to get rid of her queen size bed and go down to a twin size bed because she wanted more room in bedroom and she wanted her bed to sorta look like a couch.  I thought this was a great solution. I'm about 90% done with her room so I…