Put Your Ideas In Front of You with an Inspirational Board

Before I do a room re-do I cut out items that I think would look good in the room and tack them to a cork board. Having a picture in my head can sometimes be very different then what it actually is when I see it with my own two eyes laid out in front of me! Once I have everything clipped out I wait a few days and then look over it again, and its usually then where I…

A Look Again at Sloan’s Tween Room

This is my 11 year old daughter's bedroom I did about a year ago. This was a budget makeover, as much of my projects usually are. Her room was originally painted pink and I didn't really have the time nor did I really want to re-paint all four walls so I decided just to do an accent wall in chocolate brown.The comforter was one of those inexpensive bed in a bag that was on clearance at Target. I actually did…

1 minute Decorating Idea

You don't need alot of time or alot of money to create change, there's always simple cheap easy things. In the summer I fill my hurricane in my living room with either glass stones, sand or shells and in the fall I fill the same hurricane with either pine cones, leaves or like I did this year fragrant spiced pumpkins.

Be Brave and Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making a coming back for a few years and its not the same wallpaper our parents were using. Say good-bye to small flowers and ivy or god forbid borders. The patterns are much more bold and the graphics are pretty colorful and fun. Everyone I tell that wallpaper is making a comeback immediately says to me, I will never wallpaper a room again! The great thing about wallpaper this time around though is that you don't have…

Gray Paint – Love it or Hate It?

The new hot color in decorating for about a season has been gray. I actually painted our newly remodeled bathroom gray and I love it. Its really a great neutral color and works great with cobalt blue or yellow.But what about the rest of you...what do you think about using gray as a paint color for one of your rooms?