1 minute Decorating Idea

You don't need alot of time or alot of money to create change, there's always simple cheap easy things. In the summer I fill my hurricane in my living room with either glass stones, sand or shells and in the fall I fill the same hurricane with either pine cones, leaves or like I did this year fragrant spiced pumpkins.

Be Brave and Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making a coming back for a few years and its not the same wallpaper our parents were using. Say good-bye to small flowers and ivy or god forbid borders. The patterns are much more bold and the graphics are pretty colorful and fun. Everyone I tell that wallpaper is making a comeback immediately says to me, I will never wallpaper a room again! The great thing about wallpaper this time around though is that you don't have…

Gray Paint – Love it or Hate It?

The new hot color in decorating for about a season has been gray. I actually painted our newly remodeled bathroom gray and I love it. Its really a great neutral color and works great with cobalt blue or yellow.But what about the rest of you...what do you think about using gray as a paint color for one of your rooms?

Bling out your Staircase!

I read alot of design blogs and gather photos along the way that inspire me and give me ideas for my own house. Unfortunately I don't remember what site I got this photo from but I have always loved it. I have a set of wood stairs in my house that I have always found quite boring. If I were brave and motivated I would do this to my stairs. I imagine it looking quite lovely with candles up every…

Interior Design Tip – Think Before You Buy

I have a color scheme in my house, I use browns, light yellows, muted creams, greens and black, this way most everything I buy for my house can be used in various rooms. Most everything in my house has been used in one room and then another. Its also good to know your style. I have owned this screen for over 10 years and its been used in my bedroom, dining room and currently my living room. When you know…