Pull It Together With Some Color

I think a fun way to showcase some of your items is to group them according by color. Your objects don't even have to be similar or a particular type of collection but if they are all the same color it will come together for you. The photos are of an antique store called Da Barn (sorry they don't have a website) in New Buffalo, Michigan. This is one of my favorite stores and whenever I go there I want…

Black Thumb

I love flowers and plants but truth be told I always kill my plants no matter how much I tend to them. So, instead of just leaving the pots empty in my kitchen above my sink I decided to put pumpkins on top to get ready for fall. The pot in the middle has a tealight in it that lights up the area at night. Wish me luck that I don't kill the pumpkins!

My Wish List Always Involves Jonathan Adler

I think I have own more pillows then most people in their lifetime. To me it is the easiest way to update a room and to express yourself without spending a ton of money. I'm in the middle of finishing my basement and I have had my eyes on these pillows from Jonathan Adler for over a year.The pillows are more then I usually spend but I try and justify it with the fact its cheaper then buying a new…

Lighting Hints for the Kitchen

If your kitchen has fluorescent lighting try painting the ceiling a pale pastel color, it will soften the room. Another trick is if your cabinets don't reach all the way to the ceiling try putting up white small Christmas lights on the top it'll make the room glow!

Use A Piece of Furniture In A New Way

I have owned this secretary since I was 24 years old, in fact it was what I considered to be the first piece of antique furniture I bought all by myself for a whopping $135.00! In the '90's I used the piece in my very overly decorated living room and now I use it in my dining room to hold important things like our wine! I think the piece would look great in a bathroom too holding towels and pretty…