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My 10 Favorite Instagram Photos Decorated for the Holidays

It's no big news that Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. Instagram is the only outlet where I primarily only follow interior design accounts. Give me all the pretty photos. I like the feature on Instagram where you can save images. I wish it was easier to transfer the photos to Pinterest though. I know not everyone is on Instagram so I thought I'd share my 10 favorite Christmas images I've run across this holiday season! The photos are…

Christmas Front Door

Good-bye my beautiful ferns!  You were so good to me this year!  Seriously I can't get over how big they got! This week I swapped out my ferns for some pretty Christmas decorations that basically cost me $3.00 because go figure I used what I had and also swiped some free evergreen from our neighborhood!  I spent the $3.00 on the twig balls, they were from Michaels and I bought them the Friday after Thanksgiving for 80% off!  So basically…