The Bar and Some (Cheap) Coasters

We're not big drinkers in our house so a bar isn't something we really need.  However,  we do like to entertain and when we do I wanted to have an area I could set up with some wine or a mix of cocktails where our guest could help themselves.  My rule is I'll get you your first drink but after that you're on your own! This is an area in our living room that I set up with just a…

Treat For Me!

I was at Target yesterday picking up a dustbuster for the stairs. Yea I'm officially that old when I'm blogging about a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Can you believe I turned 40 (yea I said it, and trust me I don't say that often) this year and I've never owned one? Now that the sanding in our basement is done I'm finally able to clean up a bit and finally caved and bought my mini vacuum for our stairs that are…