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sentimental decorating

My Design Style (Sentimental Decorating)

Sentimental decorating is my favorite of the design style posts I have written about this week.  In my mind it's truly what makes your house into a home.  It doesn't have to match, it doesn't have to be perfect or expensive but I guarantee if you use items that evokes or memory or meaning to you it will be your favorite item in your space. In the kitchen... (The Farmers Nest) I absolutely love the idea of framing recipes that…

important design rule

My Most Important Design Rule

People ask me a lot how do I pull a room together, do I have any secrets.  I don't have any secrets and there's nothing magical to it but I do have an important design rule...use something that is sentimental to you, even if it makes no sense to anyone else. This space is on my main floor next to the half bathroom.  I found the piano bench at a thrift store.  I love the legs.  I decided not to…

Switching Things Up Around the House

I'm proud to say I've finally packed up the Christmas tree this week!  Yea me!  This was huge because my husband was out of town leaving me alone with our new (teething)baby and our busy teenager! Whenever the new year arrives I always seem to want to change things up and also get rid of things that aren't working for me and this year was no exception. While I was out running errands last weekend I came home to find…