my design process

Sharing My Design Process

We've been in our house for a month now and am proud to say I just unpacked the last box yesterday!  Finally I get to focus on decorating!  Our first project and biggest project will be our living/dining/kitchen.  Our main level is open concept. I thought it would be helpful sharing my design process with you. I know a lot of people have strong opinions about open concept living and this is actually the first time I've lived in this…

Goodbye January!

Am I the only person who thought January dragged butt?  Honestly, the older I get the less I like winter.  I seem to always get a bit bummed out after Christmas and I know you shouldn't wish time away but I do find myself wishing for May everyday once it's January 2nd and all the festivities are officially over. Unfortunately February did not start great, in fact it stinks, big time!  Indy had a major ice storm yesterday.  On a…