living in the moment

Living in the Moment

If things go as planned we have less than a year left of living in our current home.  Instead of making a mad dash a month before putting our house on the market to make it sale ready I've started making some changes now that I think will help sell our house, which also gives me some time to enjoy the work a bit instead of saying I wished I would've of done this months/years ago. It also helps me…

the road to downsizing laurie jones home

The Road to Downsizing

Downsizing - Part 1 My husband and I have been talking about some life changes for about 6 months and even as I am typing it I wonder if our thoughts will become a reality. We've lived in Indianapolis for over 12 years and have lived in 4 houses in that time one bigger than the next. We have worked super hard to get to where we're at in our lives and one of the things we have spent a…