iron bed


iron bed

The Iron Bed from Drab to Fab

A few months ago I was at the Goodwill when I came across this iron bed for $19.00.  I quickly snapped it up because my daughter had decided she wanted to get rid of her queen size bed and go down to a twin size bed because she wanted more room in bedroom and she wanted her bed to sorta look like a couch.  I thought this was a great solution. I'm about 90% done with her room so I…

Happenings Around the Casa and Some New Reads for Ya!

A husband out of town, a teenage with a busy schedule, a 6 months old baby boy and severe allergies that turn into bronchitis does not make for a productive week. I did happen to score this bed at the Goodwill last week ($19.99) and am slowly working on getting it painted.  If you follow me on instagram you might be able to guess the color. Seriously I must be crazy but I've been redecorating Sloan's room again!!  Drew and…