10 things I've learned

10 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 10 Months

We are moving into our new house this Friday!  It's great to know the limbo we've been living in for the last 10 months will soon be over.  I can't help be a little sentimental and look back and share what I have learned, specifically the 10 things I've learned in the past 10 months. 1.  I am able to appreciate the day in day out so much more.  I'm not sure I appreciated the house being decorated and organized…

Typical for the Jones Family

As most of you know our home is on the market but unfortunately its been more then 10 days since someone has looked at it. We were supposed to close on our new house on Friday (after being pushed back a month) so I decided I would pack up some things from the old house and bring over to the new house. Plus, if I'm being honest I haven't kept up on the house like I should, I've been a…