one room challenge

Organizing the Office Week Five

Welcome back to my One Room Challenge! I'm heading to the finish line! Please make sure you check out some of the other guest participants spaces and designers. This last week there were no big projects and I've been focusing on organizing the space and thought I would share with you some tips when it comes to organizing your office. In case you want to read the week's leading up to Week Five. Week One Week Two Week Four As…

One Room Challenge (Week 2)

It's week 2 and I'm moving along at a snails pace if I'm going to be honest with you all.  A part of me does the One Room Challenge because I know I have to finish a project in 6 weeks and the other part of me takes on an easy project that could be done in a weekend yet I find a way to drag it out for 6 weeks!   Last week I showed off the before pics…

One Room Challenge

If it wasn't for Linda and the One Room Challenge I don't think I'd ever complete a room in my house. Lately, I find the best way I'm able to get anything done is to have a deadline so let the clock begin ticking! My oldest left for college (see her dorm here) a few months ago and I was left with a super scary bathroom! Not only was it a "little dirty" but it was super outdated and didn't…